Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jack in the Box

Jaida was a Jack in the Box for the Christmas play. She did a great job! The play was so cute and they all did good. The part fit her well because she got to be fidgity the whole play.
P.S. I think you can actually see the orneriness in her eyes in these photos!


just thought this was a cute picture of Jalen. As usual he was trying to hide from the camera when they were putting up the tree.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tiny Villiage Terrorized By Huge White Cat!

I can't keep Angel out of my villiage! I bet the villiage people are very scared!

Christmas Pictures

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Help Wanted

I really need someone to come over here and do laundry, pay bills, clean house, and get my life back on track while I finish all my Christmas shopping and wrapping presents!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just Checking In

Is it politically correct to clean the downstairs and just pretend the upstairs is clean???? I'm dreading going up there. I did a really dumb thing a painted Jaida's room on Monday. You know one of the busiest weeks and I go and do that. I have been planning on it and I got her a new comforter(not really what I wanted but it was $9.99 at Target and she liked it)a while back but really thought it would be best to wait until after the holidays. Her room has once again gotten out of control with junk so I just dug in and now I have a major mess on my hands. So, why am I on the computer you might ask??? I'm avoiding the upstairs. I have downstairs looking good and I don't want to move.
My mom's uncle died last week and we went to his service yesterday. So I moved my cleaning day to Tuesday. We have the school play tomorrow and the parade downtown Sat. In between all of that I need to finish up shopping and start wrapping. Jaida asks me daily to please wrap presents.
On the way home from the funeral dad had been driving and got tired. Mom started driving and dad moved to the back. I was in the middle with Jenny sleeping on one side and dad sleeping on the other side of me.(that in itself had me cracking up) We were cruising along and all of a sudden dad rears up yelling trying to grab the seat in front of him. I knew what he was doing and was enjoying the hilariousness of it. Jenny in a dead sleep wakes up and about freaks out. Mom is driving and can't figure out what's going on. Dad thought he was driving and fell asleep when he woke up he just couldn't find the steering wheel. Poor people---Dad and Jenn's hearts were beating out of their chests and I was cracking up. That has giving me some really good laughs! The bad thing is he does that when he and mom are alone and mom is driving. He falls asleep and wakes up and grabs the steering wheel from her! I told her to put him in the back seat from now on!
I went into Thanksgiving week with like three gifts bought. I've gotten most of it done this week so I was thinking wow I'm doing great until I realized Christmas is in 3 weeks. Wooptido---that's just not that great! Need to get-r-done!
Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! I start panicking when I look at the calendar and realize it is filling up and I always wish I had the time to slow down and enjoy it more!


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Playing with a wig

Our Manly Waggoner Men On Thanksgiving!

Jalen and Steve
I'm probably going to get killed for this!

Jeff and Ronnie
Can you tell we had a few laughs over these??