Friday, July 25, 2008

Random Stupidness

we had a little entertainment after devotions the other night!

Jalen can be soooo hilarious with his singing and dancing. I caught him singing with a stupid expressiion---he was being crazy!

Jody saying--you aren't really taking my picture are you??

Funny Story

This may not be funny at all on here but I have been laughing all week when I think of this story. It's funny how we are finding out things that our kids have done that they have never told us. Janae shared a story with me the other day, it went something like this-----
I was working and Grandma was babysitting. Jordan and Janae decided to go to the library. They were about 12 she thought. Jordan's bike had a flat so Janae got on her bike and tied a rope around her waist. Jordan got on his rollerblades and tied a rope around his waist.(need I even finish the story???) They were getting along just fine. Then she said "Mom you know that street that has a telephone pole right in the middle of the side walk?hehehehe. Well, Janae went around it and didn't realize Jordan went around it too only on the other side! She said--"I'm riding along and all of a sudden I'm jerked off my bike---I look over and Jordan is jerked so hard that his feet fly up in the air and he lands on his bottom! I have gotten soooo many laughs over that this week. I said to her--
why didn't you just let him hold onto the rope--she said "Mom, we were 12 years old, we weren't that intelligient!hehe

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ammendment to next post

This is the other side of my kitchen.


I am finally posting pictures of my cabinets. I was having problems loading pictures on to my computer and Jeff finally fixed it. For some weird reason I thought I needed to get my cabinets painted before we left on vacation. So, the week we left I worked myself to death painting, packing, cleaning, etc. I debated and debated on what color to paint. After much consideration I thought I would just paint them white and get it over with. After pleading with friends and family members to tell me what color a friend(I won't mention any names)said paint them brown---and that's all it took. I went and got the paint and voila! But, after painting them I was a little concerned. I knew I needed new backsplash, counters, etc. but I wasn't extremely happy with them. I haven't done much at all to my kitchen for 17 yrs. so it is much need of a redo. To save a little money for now I decided to just paint the ugly paneling stuff we put up 17 yrs ago "temporarily"haha! As soon as I started putting the primer on I new it was going to look soooo much better than that cream color. So, even though my taste is probably soooo unlike most of you bloggers I really like how it is turning out. I plan on getting new counters(hopefully cement), a new stainless steel sink and faucet. This will hold us until we can knock a wall out and expand the kitchen(oh, say 20 yrs. down the road).
p.s. I still don't have drawer pulls because we added a dishwasher several years ago and the drawers beside it are tooooo close. I can't find anything that will allow the dishwasher to open up. I'm still looking.
Also, in case this looks really weird to some of you I should have taken a pic of the other side of the room. It has a brown bulit in booth with red pillows so it ties in with the red on the other side of the room.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Awards Ceremony

I missed a whole section of stuff that happened at the end of the school year. I just ran onto these pics. The kids after the awards night. As you can tell the older ones were sooo thrilled to be getting their pictures taken. They all got an award or two each and Janae was crowned queen of the awards night!

Jalen and Colson escaping through the window to go spy on the girls.


Isn't it amazing what a little bribe of money will do for a kid? Any of you out there have a 10yr old that has to wear headgear and retainer every night? Well, getting them to is like pulling teeth(pardon the pun). I would tell Jalen every night last thing---put your headgear in! The next morning he had "forgotten" conveniently. We even tried grounding him etc. So, Monday morning I told him if he would wear that thing everynight without missing until his next appt. I would give him $20(more than I would normally give for something but he is saving money for a computer). Kind of funny---he hasn't missed a night and I haven't even reminded him! He wrote a note to himself on his white board in his room it says-----

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Home At Last

We made it back home! We left at 7:30 P.M. Sunday and arrived home at 1:30 P.M. Monday. We were almost to our exit and there had been a fatal accident at 28 and I65 so we were stuck in traffic for 30 min. ugh! So, close and then had to wait.
I did all of the laundry there so it has been sooo much easier getting unpacked etc. We were pretty tired yesterday but I feel OK today.
My kids say they are only flying from now on and they weren't the ones driving!ha
It is kind of strange getting everything back to normal and trying to figure out what we are supposed to be doing around here! For some reason the grass didn't stop growning while we were gone and the bills didn't stop coming. So, I'm just trying to get caught up on everything.
Jenny was sooo gracious to loan out our house while we were gone. Some of her friends were cooking at Pilgrim Camp here in town and needed a place to stay. So, Jenny being Jenny called and asked if they could stay here. I panicked a little but I had cleaned my house(thank God)before we left.(I don't always have time to do that before vacation)So we had company and didn't even see them. She said she had them over after church on Sunday night with their kids and spouses and they all came over and took a tour of my house!eeeek! I was just thinking who was here to explain things like-----I'm not finished with that yet, and I really don't like that chair in here and sorry this room is a little messy etc.ha! Oh well, I guess they survived without knowing all that.
Well, I have to work tomorrow so I need to go to bed!
P.S Did I mention in a previous post that I forgot my camera and Beth W. sent it to me????? Well, yes she did and that was soooo thoughtful of her---only one problem, I forgot to tell Jenny to put my battery charger in the case. I didn't feel like spending $49.00 on a charger that I didn't need. So, the only pics I got were from a throw away camera~GRRRRRRR~~~~~Oh by the way I did get one picture before the battery died!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Heading back to good ole Indiana

Well friends as the saying goes-- all good things must come to an end. I guess it's time to pack up and head home! When we left I knew that it would be much harder to do the 20 hr. trip back home! Since we have to leave I'm ready but I wish we could just blink our eyes and be home. Not looking forward to the trip. I did go buy the next Karen Kingsbury book "Summer" so I would have something to do when I'm not driving. We were so tired on the way here that we basically took turns sleeping and driving(we combined that a few times!ha) I didn't do much reading. I think we are a little more rested up now.
We all had fun and got to relax alot. Jeff had to work a little more than he wanted to(what's new?) This house is alot smaller than ours--everybody had to hang out together the entire time. It was nice but I think they are all ready for a little space. Including me----they are getting on each others nerves. This morning Jeff said--have you noticed Jordan and Janae really don't fight anymore? Yes, that's great but everyone else still does!ha It's not horrible just the brother/sister things---you know the 10yr old brother pesters the 7yr old sister until she screams which sends the mother and father over the edge! Oh, well we have 20hrs in the van to look forward to!
Enough rambling I need to get up and finish everything. We are leaving at 6 P.M. so I'm just trying to do what I can but not too much because I don't want to have to redo cleaning etc. Did that make sense at all????
We are having an awesome Sunday dinner that consists of Walmart deli pizza! So, you can all think of us as you dig into your good Sunday dinners. I just didn't feel like going to the trouble today and spending the money on good food.
I think the summer is swiftly coming to an end. We are going to Friends camp in a few weeks and then we will have Bible School the first week of Aug. School starts Aug. 15th. Whatever happened to the good ole days when we started the week before Labor Day or even the day after Labor Day??? I miss those days.
Hope you all have a good day and think about us as we make the grueling trip back to Indiana!
P.S. On the way here Jaida wrote in her journal about the trip. Mind you she wasn't the one driving but slept most of the way. She wrote that she thought we were taking too long to get here because we were stopping way too much!ha
When I told her no we weren't she wrote---but Mom thinks we aren't! Hey, next year we will have 2 more drivers----then I really won't sleep at all--I'll be on the edge of my seat biting my nails the entire time they drive! Poor kids I'm afraid I won't be a very good passenger.(I'm not now just ask Jeff and he's been driving for a very long time! Ronnie had him drive back from Michigan so he could sleep---Jeff was 14 yrs. old at the time-----oh my)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fun, Fun, and more Fun

I survived another day at Cypress Gardens! I got soaked, spun, scared, sick, sunburned, and sore!ha! I think I've had enough rides to do me for a LONG time! Today Jalen rode the tower thing! He had the same look of terror on his face as Jeff did yesterday. When he got off he was white as a sheet. He says he might ride it again someday when he is 20yrs. old!ha We got to see a new show today--acrobats. Wow--now that's amazing. As we were watching Jalen leaned over and said----shall we say flexible! I said I wonder how often they visit their chiropractor? Once again the day started off not too hot and then by 3:00 we thought we were dying and then around 4:00 a cool breeze blew in with a little rain and it was wonderful! Jaida wanted me to ride the water slide with her. It was really fun but I got wet and was kind of miserable then the rest of the day.
Well, everyhing is winding down and I have alot of work to do to get ready to leave. Since this isn't a motel I am the maid. So, I will begin my fun cleanup tomorrow. I started trying to organize stuff yesterday, Jeff got all worried and asked me if I was starting to rope off areas!ha! I usually start cleaning a day or so before we leave and start locking doors and not allowing anyone in! One good thing is we won't be catching a plane at 5 A.M. as usual.
If I don't get anything posted I'll catch ya all when I get home!
P.S. I hope I never ever, ever see a McDonalds again for as long as I live!! Just the thought of it about makes me sick! I think I might actually want to cook when I get home---not just do it out of necessity. We need a good cleansing to rid our bodies of all the junk, fast food stuff!hehe

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tower of Terror

I should have added--- the look on Jeff's face was absolutely priceless when he rode the ride where they shoot you up that tower thing and then just drop it down. It was sooooooooooo high. Oh my word he looked like he was in pain!hahahahahahaha! I wished soooo bad i had a video camera. He said you can't breathe until you hit the bottom! You couldn't pay me to get on it! It was soooo entertaining watching people ride it though.

Cypress Gardens

We went to Cypress Gardens yesterday. I actually went there when I was probably 7 or 8 yrs. old. They now have an amusement park there too. (who knows it may have been there for 30 yrs.) It was half the price of all the other parks (seaworld, disney, etc.)here in Florida and when you leave for the day you can get your tickets upgraded to a second day free of charge. They had 50 rides and a ski show and pirate show. The kids had a blast. Jaida was tall enough to ride everything but one rollercoaster and the bumper cars. There were no lines and the kids rode everything over and over. We all felt a little woozy when we left. Definitely got our monies worth. Jeff has to do some work so guess who gets to take them back tomorrow???? Yep, you guessed it---me. I'm starting to think I'm crazy! It's just hard for me to know that we can go 2 days for the price of 1! I feel obligated to take advantage of that!ha One thing I've never quite understood about amsuement parks is the fact that they make you pay for parking????? So, what do they think you are going to do park down the road?-It makes no sense to me except for the fact that it is just another way to get your money. Kind of like the way they can charge $2.50 for a small coke? They know they got ya there and you have to eat!
I actually got up at the crack of dawn today--8:00 A.M. ha! So, it's almost 12:00A.M. and I'm tired.
I will definitely be busy from here on out. Fri. we will find a place to go for fireworks and Sat. I will be cleaning up the house and packing. We will prbably leave Sunday night. Boohoo!
I thought it was funny---I have always loved July 4th. I think I passed that love to my kids. When we were planning to come and I realized we would be gone over the 4th I told Jeff we should come home for the fireworks. He thought I was crazy so I said ok. Then when each kid found out at different times they each had the same reaction---no we have to be home on the 4th--ha! They want to be in their own town in the back of the truck watching fireworks at the same little park they always have! But, we are in Florida---I'm quite sure they probably have just as good of fireworks as little ole Frankfort!haha! It's just the tradition.
Pray for me that I will hold up another day at Cypress Gardens. My body felt very, very, very old yesterday when we left!!!!!hehe! I never understood why Mom never really wanted to ride rides. I'm just finally getting there-ha! I'm starting to really like watching. Kind of sad huh?
Hope everyone has a great July 4th!