Tuesday, May 29, 2007

One of my favorite recent pictures of Janae

Awards night!

Jordan and Janae on their 14th Birthday

Thought this was so funny! Jaida was sick and fell asleep on the couch.

Jaida, Karris, and Ava at our Party!

Jaida and Mrs. Angie.

Random Pictures

Couldn't leave Pepper out since I put a picture of Skittles on here. Pepper is much loved by everyone!

Ah! Maybe we can breathe now!

Whew! What a very busy weekend. We had awards ceremony on Sat. night. Jordan and Janae didn't get any major award but they got scripture, no detentions(janae)etc.
Jalen got honor roll, no detentions, scripture. Jaida got scripture, and Miss Diligent. I was hoping they weren't giving an award for the most "head down on the desk" this year! ha! She is very lively and had a hard time not talking and staying in her seat. It was a nice evening and the kids were all excited. Then on Sunday Jordan and Janae graduated from 8th grade and Jaida from Kindergarten. Still can't believe I have kids that will be in highschool. Didn't I just graduate a few years ago??? Monday was our yard work day. We worked really hard. Pulled up some ground cover bush things, put down black film stuff, new mulch(100.00 worth i might add)and planted flowers. We had allll the kids out helping(much to their delight). Then I scrambled in around 4PM to clean up the mess that was made from running in and out so we could have a cookout and cake for the graduates. We had a fun night and sat arounnd talking until 10:30. I had totally forgotten that we had scheduled an insurance agent to come at 9 am this morning. Jeff decided he was getting alot of work done last night so he worked until 6 AM. I woke up around 8 went downstairs and the phone rang at 8:50 it was the guy saying he was almost there! Whew I about died. He went to McDonalds for 45 min. so we could at least be dressed! Ha.
Well, that was our busy weekend. Hope it slows down now for awhile.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hey, I finally figured out how to add pictures (actually Rachel explained it to me)
So, here is a picture of our kids at Christmas. I think they have grown since then!
This is our cat Skittles. The look says it all! She is definitely snooty.

This is Jaida who is always ready to dress like a princess. She dressed up for her Birthday party in Jan.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Cell Phones and their Improper Use

Hmm... I often wander what we did as kids without cell phones. Here is some examples of how cell phones are used in our household:

I'm upstairs folding laundry(notice I said upstairs) Jeff is in our attic bedroom where his office is. My cell phone rings so I jump up and run all the way downstairs to answer it and it's Jeff just needing to ask me a quick question:)

Jeff and I are 2 houses down in a serious conversation with our neighbors whose son is in trouble and Jeff's phone rings. It is Janae---she wants to talk to me--Jeff says "is it an emergency because we are really busy-- she is yes oh yes!--so I get on the phone and Janae says "Mom can I go get a video tonight?GRRR!! I think Janae learned what a real emergency was though after talking with her Dad later on! HA!

Phone conversation caught on answering machine between Jaida (6yrs) and Gma---I was gone at the time.
Gma: Is your Mom there?
Jaida: No
Gma: Is Jordan or Janae there?
Jaida: yes
Gma :can I talk to one of them
Jaida: can you just call them on their cell phone cause they are allll the way upstairs and I don't want to go get them.(then rattles off their number--didn't know she knew it)
G-ma: well is Daddy there?
Jaida: yes could you just call him on his cell phone

Then there's just my typical call while grocery shopping---Mom can you tell Jalen to stop bugging me??? Mom when will you be back??? Mom will you get me a vanilla coke while you are out??? etc........
What would we do without cell phones :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Bicycle----Itty Bitty Seat(need I say more?)

Jeff and the kids were very generous for Mother's Day this year. I had been saying I wanted a new bike so they went to Walmart and bought a very snazzy purple bike for me. If I hadn't been asking for one I might think they were hinting about something--like maybe thinking I could use some more exercise! Our first ride was a couple of days ago. We were going over to help unload David and Sarah Fry. I told Jeff we should ride our bikes and he said do you think that's too far for Jaida? I didn't think so, so off we went. I guess bicycle seats have shrunk tremendously since I was a kid!!! HA! Or perhaps I've grown a little in certain places! Anyway we did make it there and I seriously thought I would have to get a ride home, but I made it home. I took the same ride again yesterday!!! I'm so proud of myself. But...if I don't update my blog for awhile you'll know it's probably because I can't sit down~ I'm seriously considering buying one of those Grandma type bicycle seats!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Farewell to Piccaso and DaVinci

What a very sad day at the Waggoners! Janae's beloved mice both died yesterday. I felt sooo bad because I'm sure it was partly my fault. Of course I wouldn't be a "normal" mother if I didn't take the blame and feel guilty about something at least once a day! She told me she needed food like a week ago. We have been soooo busy!!! School work and more school work, extra cleaning job, helping at school, etc. So, when I would remember, the store would be closed. Janae didn't remind me much either. She fed them cheese and I think the poor little critters ate toooo much cheese. It was so sad because Janae is very sensitive and is stressed out anyway and it was just little too much. She still has swollen eyes this morning. They had a Proper burial and Jaida even picked flowers for their grave. I think we will be buying two new mice this weekend!!! One good thing-- she still has one and one of the ones that died was the mean one!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

ABC Thing

Accent: Don't really think I have one but was asked what part of the south I was from while on a trirail in Florida. Found out the lady was from New York
Bible book I love: Psalms
Chore I don’t care for: Gettint groceries!!!!!(I would rather clean toilets!)
Dog or Cat: Probably cat but we do have a ver adorable dog.
Essential Electronics: Computer and Cell phone.
Gold or Silver: Silver.
Handbag I carry most: Um, I would buy a new one every month if I could. I don't spend alot on them.
Insomnia: Whew! I think I'm finally getting a handle on it after tooooo many years of it!
Job Title: Wife, Mother, Office help to my husband, house cleaner to my clients um, volunteer at school, and lots of other things!
Kids: Janae 14, Jordan 14, Jalen 9, Jaida 6
Living arrangements: 4 bedroom, 2 bath, living room, dining room, family room, office, messy basement
Most memorable moments: My wedding day, the birth of my kids, visiting, Bolivia with a 1yr old and staying downtown Manhattan!(I thought I was in another country.
Naughtiest childhood behavior: Don't really know but I did spit in someones face when I was probably 6 yrs. old!
Phobias: Don't really have any I don't think
Religion: Evangelical Christian.
Siblings: One older Sister, and one younger sister
Time I wake up: During school, 6 30 Any other day, by 8 at the latest
Unusual talent:Don't think I have one
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Well, I love almost all but I guess beets like my sister
Worst habit:
X-Rays: Dental
Yummy stuff I cook: Chili, Chicken packets on the grill, chicken enchiladas
Zoo animals I like the Most: Monkeys I guess

Friday, May 18, 2007

Italian food and fellowship

What a delightful evening out with my sisters and their husbands! We went to a little Italian Resaurant in Broad Ripple. It was very delicious but I ate way too much and I think I won't want any Manicotti for a loooooonnnnggg time! We took some pictures so I will definitly post those later( When I can figure out how to do that) . There Jody and Travis ------ a new entry for you. Isn't it sooo interesting!?

Monday, May 7, 2007

I can't believe I'm doing this

Well, I'm finally taking the plunge. Don't really feel like I will have anything in the least bit interesting to say. But, for some reason I'm curious about other people's lives so I figure maybe someone will just be curious enough about our normal little life to take a peek.
I think I'm also a little bit intimidated by all of you wonderful writers out there. Some of you should definitely consider writing a novel. Hopefully I'll have something interesting to post every now and then. Until then------HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!!