Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jack in the Box

Jaida was a Jack in the Box for the Christmas play. She did a great job! The play was so cute and they all did good. The part fit her well because she got to be fidgity the whole play.
P.S. I think you can actually see the orneriness in her eyes in these photos!


just thought this was a cute picture of Jalen. As usual he was trying to hide from the camera when they were putting up the tree.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tiny Villiage Terrorized By Huge White Cat!

I can't keep Angel out of my villiage! I bet the villiage people are very scared!

Christmas Pictures

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Help Wanted

I really need someone to come over here and do laundry, pay bills, clean house, and get my life back on track while I finish all my Christmas shopping and wrapping presents!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just Checking In

Is it politically correct to clean the downstairs and just pretend the upstairs is clean???? I'm dreading going up there. I did a really dumb thing a painted Jaida's room on Monday. You know one of the busiest weeks and I go and do that. I have been planning on it and I got her a new comforter(not really what I wanted but it was $9.99 at Target and she liked it)a while back but really thought it would be best to wait until after the holidays. Her room has once again gotten out of control with junk so I just dug in and now I have a major mess on my hands. So, why am I on the computer you might ask??? I'm avoiding the upstairs. I have downstairs looking good and I don't want to move.
My mom's uncle died last week and we went to his service yesterday. So I moved my cleaning day to Tuesday. We have the school play tomorrow and the parade downtown Sat. In between all of that I need to finish up shopping and start wrapping. Jaida asks me daily to please wrap presents.
On the way home from the funeral dad had been driving and got tired. Mom started driving and dad moved to the back. I was in the middle with Jenny sleeping on one side and dad sleeping on the other side of me.(that in itself had me cracking up) We were cruising along and all of a sudden dad rears up yelling trying to grab the seat in front of him. I knew what he was doing and was enjoying the hilariousness of it. Jenny in a dead sleep wakes up and about freaks out. Mom is driving and can't figure out what's going on. Dad thought he was driving and fell asleep when he woke up he just couldn't find the steering wheel. Poor people---Dad and Jenn's hearts were beating out of their chests and I was cracking up. That has giving me some really good laughs! The bad thing is he does that when he and mom are alone and mom is driving. He falls asleep and wakes up and grabs the steering wheel from her! I told her to put him in the back seat from now on!
I went into Thanksgiving week with like three gifts bought. I've gotten most of it done this week so I was thinking wow I'm doing great until I realized Christmas is in 3 weeks. Wooptido---that's just not that great! Need to get-r-done!
Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! I start panicking when I look at the calendar and realize it is filling up and I always wish I had the time to slow down and enjoy it more!


Are you tired of being bald? Do you want a full head of hair?? Try the new Waggoner hair regrowth formula! It will instantly give you the thick hair you've been longing for! Just send a check or money order for $199.99 to Waggoner Hair growth center Frankfort Indiana. No Refunds or exchanges.


Playing with a wig

Our Manly Waggoner Men On Thanksgiving!

Jalen and Steve
I'm probably going to get killed for this!

Jeff and Ronnie
Can you tell we had a few laughs over these??

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My lovely sister!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, it's almost Thanksgiving so I thought I would say---HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!
I have to do a little cooking so I will do that tomorrow. I have Christmas stuff up already so I can relax after Thanksgiving and go Christmas shopping!!yea! I've been putting it up early the last few years and I love it! Things get so hectic that it is just nice to know that work is done.
As Jaida has been saying "we have a situation here"---both of my trees are having lighting problems!GRRRR The top strand of lights on the family room tree went out and the bottom strand of lights on the living room tree went out!(of course they are all decorated!) So, I need to undecorate part of them and put new lights on--yea rah!
I don't know if it is the looming vacation or if there is a full moon out but the kids have been in rare form today! Oh, my goodness I thought I would just get out and walk home when I picked them up from school today! It hasn't let up much at all either. Please someone tell me it isn't just mine.
Jordan is recovering very well after surgery. He goes back Dec. 3rd for a check so we will see at that point what our next step is. He had surgery on a Fri. and went back to school late Mon. morning. He continued to go but wasn't feeling well and would come home looking horrible and pale etc. I was a little worried that he was over doing it(he wanted to go to school--he has reasons:). He said his ear was still hurting some so I asked what he was taking for it, come to find out he had been taking his prescription tylenol with coedine at school everyday! No wonder he felt so bad---I don't know how he even stayed awake. So, after he quit taking that and just took tylenol he perked right up and acts like he feels fine. I'm just praying that somehow his hearing will come back. It isn't very probable that it will but maybe God will perform a miracle!
Hope everyone has the best Thanksgiving ever! Don't eat too much turkey! Actually that wouldn't be too bad---don't eat too much pumpkin pie and all the other things filled with carbs!

An optimistic person is one who starts a diet on Thanksgiving!(I read that on a sign today)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A few of my favorite Christmas decorations.

I love decorating my house but I'm not much of a seasonal decorator. These are just a few of the simple Christmas decorations that I like. I don't have any trees up yet but I think we will do that tonight. To be honest I don't like dragging all the stuff out or putting it away.

Piano Recital

AWWW---fall recital is over! Whew---I was really worried! Jaida seemed to get worse at her song the more she practiced. Jeff was even a little concerned--I heard him tell her(which he never does)right before we left, to practice it just one more time!ha I about cracked up when she practically bounced up to the platform grinning. She only messed up a little and it wasn't bad at all. At home before we left she would mess up and keep going over and over the same line until she got it--that had me a little nervous. Now we have a little break until we start up lessons again.

Jody strangling Travis!

Notice the smile on her face??? After 15 long years she is finally doing it!!!(I really love you Travis!)

75 yrs!

Grandpa and Grandma Mowery celebrated 75yrs together last Saturday!
The crazy picture is all the granddaughters acting stupid!(appearently the Grandparents aren't amused--ha!)

Friday, November 14, 2008


The Dr. said Jordan's surgery went well so we hope his problems are over! Just thought I would share some of the funny things that went on today.
First of all I am convinced that no one should ever have to get up before 6 A.M.!!!
We had to leave the house this morning at 5:30 A.M. I ran to get a doughnut and coffee to take(I know not very nutritious but I knew everyone else would go to breakfast while Jordan was in surgery)so on the way back I turned left at a light and as I am turning I see the red light for the cross road---I say to myself--oh my I just ran that red light, I wasn't even paying any attention--hehehehhe then I realize it is for the cars stopped the other direction so I can go!had to laugh at myself. Then Betty happened to come(hehehehehe--sorry Betty faithful blah reader)She was talking about the Panda(Interpreted-Panera) Bread that the school is now selling!haha
She also was wandering if they would go to Bake and Shake(Interpreted Steak and Shake) for lunch----I didn't even try to correct her on those I just laughed quietly to myself!
The Dr. once again bragged about how nice and polite Jordan is, he said be sure to tell him when he wakes up! So, when he woke up a little I told him the Dr. thinks he is so nice and he said--I was asleep!ha The Dr. just said he has done surgery on alot of rude teens!
Jordan was a lot more alert this time so it was easier to get him in the wheelchair and to the car. I am hoping his recovery will be fast! Last year he went to youth camp the next week--crazy kid!
Hey enjoy the somewhat warm weather I hear it is going to snow tomorrow~


Needed to add #15 to the "things I've learned this week"

#15 Don't tell your kids as they are putting groceries away to put 3lbs. of hamburger in the microwave instead of the refridgerator----they will actually do what you said for once in their life!ha(I found it 24hrs. later)
O.K. so I'm cracking up!! One of our tenants that live next door in our apt. asked me the other day if Jeff had a suite he could borrow for a wedding he is to be in on Sat. I said yes, that would be fine. He comes over today to get it and as I hand it to him he says---"so, does it have like a white shirt and tie that goes with it?" I'm just dying! I go find a shirt and tie and he is very impressed. ha

Thursday, November 13, 2008


A couple more poems by Jordan:

The way that you stare I can't ignore
My heart beats faster, stonger than before

Your eyes so bright with life
A single glance erases all my strife

An angel could marvel at your face
Beaty surrounds you, nothing else but grace

So why then am I the one to see
How can you waste your smiles on me?

I'm no one important, I barely get by
Surely ther is another, some lucky guy

To have such bearty all to keep
it lulls me nightly into sweet dreaming sleep

I open my eyes once more you remain
still in my vision your smile retains

I have no words to describe how I feel
But you no never will another steal

Your are my life, my will, my heart
No one can ever tear us apart

I sitwith you now, and still can't see
How one can shine so bright, simply beauty

A normal night it was for all,
They traveled far to obey their new law

They came at late with the night air biting
A haven they needed, three lives were they fighting

But into no Inn were these three taken,
they were left out, alone and forsaken

Before they could freeze a kind inn keeper's wife
Saw pity on them, to end their strife

So into a stable were they placed,
For the baby was coming, time they could not waste

Long into the night she labored in pain,
Thinking of her Son our Saviour, then many came

Sheperds left their sheep behind,
with visions of angels singing in their minds

They sang of a baby, born for them,
A promised Messiah born to Bethlehem

Then came the wisemen hailing from afar,
Faces bright with joy, following the star

A mission they had from the evil king,
To give the babe to him, how aweful he had screamed

After all their presents a fairwell they bade
They left to run, His life to save

And even in that blessed night,
There still was one, his life would smite

The king would hunt them down to kill,
His holy life he wanted to steal

But in his dreams came an angel,
he told them to flee, to take him and be well

So run they did until he was grown,
He left them one day, a mission His own

He knew that he was for nothing less,
Taken to give His life that one day we might confess.

Then on that night so crowned with power,
He came to die, His love to shower

Christmas day is a day of mercy,
A day to live, though so unworthy

God gave us hope, he gave us might
In Bethlehem that sacred night.

Christ is our Lord and Light


I found this writing posted on Jordan's board at school. It is a paper he wrote just for the fun of it---I thought it was very unique.

What is a conviction? A task to be completed? A bet to be won? Does it matter if it is only half finished or believed? No, a conviction is binding, it shapes us. It shows others the committment we possess for a strong belief. It is not something to be taken half-heartedly, nor something that we can barely abide by and hope to retain. A conviction is not an on the spot decision inspired and refined by a random thought or question. How could you stake your life on that? Wouldn't you think it through as much as you could? Wouldn't you try to make it sound and steadfast? If not then you have no conviction. Do you have a real conviction? Or is it an excuse to justify the unjustifiable actions you make in its name? Can you prove your convition with argument and emotion? or do you hide it when you are with others? You must dwell in it when you are alone and shine with it when surrounded. Can someone who does not know you guess it, or even know you have one? Does it bring joy to others or thrive in tearing them apart? When you sleep does it comfort your dreams, or haunt your mind? Does it attack you, or lull you into peaceful slumber? Does it strengthen you and give you purpose, or does it strip you of inititive? Does it eat at your conscience, or does it build it? When you reflect on it are you proud or ashamed? Would you give whatever it would take to hold onto it? Would you share it with others that are interested, or keep it to yourself? In essence a conviction is you. A conviction is something retained after all else is lost. Something that can always make you smile and feel secure. when all others have forsaken you it remains at your side. But, what is this perfect conviction? It is faith in Jesus Christ. He is all of this and so much more. To have all of him you have to give him all of you. Make Him your conviction. Because, you were born His.

P.S. I didn't ask him but I am quite certain he wasn't doing this instead of his school work--oh no never!

New recipe

I just made up a new recipe and it was actually good believe it or not. Thought I'd share the basics.

Penne pasta probably used 3/4 of a box(cook and put in bottom of 9x13)
I put garlic powder, salt, pepper,parmesan cheese and olive oil on it to give it some moisture.

2 cans of Rotel tomatoes with green chilis(mild) I put them in my little processor to make them chopped up. Put that on top of the penne.(I added a little sugar because I think they tend to be a little sour)

Fried a few chicken breasts and cut them up and mixed in with the tomatoes.

Topped it with Cheddar(only because I had very little mozzerella)cheese, the little mozzerella that I had, parmesan, salt, pepper.
For Jordan and me I cut up green pepper, red pepper, and fresh mushroom and put on one end--no one else will eat it.

Bake for like 30 min. with foil on it part of the time

It was delicious!

Things I've Learned This Week

1. Don't throw away what looks like left over potato soup---it might possibly be your mayo dressing you just put in the fridge for the salad for Sunday-- because...
it will take you 10 min. to figure out where in the world the dressing disappeared to and...you will have to make more!grrrr

2. Do not leave little propane heaters in cars--because...if the valve happens to be open the car will smell like rotten eggs ALLLLL WEEK!

3. Tail Bones DO hurt for a long time when you bounce down the steps on them!

4. 5th graders can actually get their goals done at school!!!! Mine has for 5 days in a row now! Oh the wonders of life!

5. Christmas shopping just doesn't go get done on it's own and...it doesn't pay for itself either!

6. Thursdays(cleaning day)comes around way to fast!(is it really Thursday again???)

7. Yes, it is usually cold in November---I have a hard time remembering that!

8. Igloo vanilla cokes taste really good when Milky Way is closed for the season.

9. Mondays are so much sweeter when you've had company over the weekend!

10. Little girls make messes and then they don't want to clean them up!

11. So do big girls, and boys!(and sometimes husbands:)!

12. There is always at least one DVD/video that is no where to be found when due! Late fee is a term much used around here!(and hated!)

13. On Veteran's Day---the mail doesn't run, the bank is closed, and the trash is not picked up----I know because I attempted all three things--duh--slow learner!

14. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I have ALOT to be thankful for!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Nothing New

I don't have anything interesting to say. Just thought I'd share some of what we have been doing this week. I thought this was going to be a slowed down week but not so. Jalen had a flag football game on Mon. and Tues. evening, and we had our school soup supper last night. GBS is going to be at our church on Saturday night and a couple of girls are spending the night here. So, I have been cleaning and trying to get ready for all of that. I think I'm pretty sure that we will be busy until we get old and go to the nursing home and then we will be depressed because we aren't busy!ha
Another thing I really should be thinking seriously about is CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! I think I have 3 little girl gifts and some teacher gifts. That is it! My oh my how the time does fly. I feel like I just finished up the shopping from last year.
Hope everyone is enjoying this awesome weather!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rude Awakening!

Too bad I didn't have a video camera at the bottom of my steps this morning---I might be rich. It all started with Jaida being sick and falling asleep in Jalen's bed about 7 P.M. I was worried all evening that she would wake up and then be up all night. I went to bed around 11 P.M. very distressed with the election. So, I didn't sleep very well worrying about her and the election. At 5:45 A.M. for some dumb reason Jalen's alarm clock starts blaring. I literally jumped straight out of bed and started running down my steps(attic bedroom) thankfully they are carpeted. My feet slid off the first step and I then bounced on my seat end down three steps---I knew I wasn't going to stop so I reached up and grabbed the railing---I actually caught hold of it and immediately my arms were yanked back and my whole body was dangling down the steps by my arms!hehehehehe------I started yelling and moaning and Jeff who was out of it starts saying what happened are you OK??? I'm sure it was a sight to behold! I had some good laughs about that today! Needless to say--while cleaning houses today I had to be very careful due to the fact that my posterior is very sore and my arms are getting sore too. Probably won't be able to get out of bed in the morning!ha(now that would be nice actually!)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Just wondering why it is that when we get new insurance they make it sound soooo great. Then when we call for precertification for surgery we learn that it is even more horrible than we thought. Not only do we have a $5000 deductible but I just found out that they have a $4000 limit on the surgeon and hospital bill each! Hmmmm, I didn't know about that when I signed the papers. Does this fall under the Murphy's law?????

Reformation Day

I can't remember what Jordan was but he looked cute.

Janae went to Walmart at 10:00 the night before and bought material and hand made this court jesture(sp?) costume. She looked really cute!

David Livingston

Reformation Day

The kids had reformation day at school last Friday. They could dress up as a Bible character or a famous person in history.
Jaida was Queen Esther

Monday, November 3, 2008


Just wondering what to do--I have a major decision to make. I didn't get my house very cleaned up over the weekend because of all the wedding stuff. We are having GBS here on Sat. and 2 girls will be staying with us so, do I just wait and clean on Fri. or do I clean now and Fri! hmmmmm????(wonder what Martha Stewart would do?)

Time Change

OK I really need to take the time to change all of the clocks! I'm getting very confused today!(it doesn't take much)!

Wedding Pictures

The happy couple.(Elizabeth was acting like Barbie--it was hilarious)

I thought these shots were adorable!

The wedding party and the Bride and Groom.

Jordan Waggoner--one of the handsome groomsmen.

Dylan Waggoner and Alyssa Johnson.

Jaida and Ava passed out Bubbles. Right in the beginning Jaida said--we are doing pretty good--we've sold 5 so far!haha

The Wedding

Wow---where has the time gone???? We have been very busy and I haven't taken the time to share anything on my blog. So, now that my house is perfect, the laundry is neatly folded and put away, the bills are paid, the car is spotless, and supper is simmering in the crock pot--hehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehe----I thought I would take the time to sit down and put some pictures on here of a few important events that have taken place here lately! Actually if anyone decided to pop in they would wonder what in the world I was doing on the computer at this time.
I had the priviledge of helping to coordinate Bradley and Elizabeth's wedding. I didn't do a whole lot before the rehearsal but what I did I really enjoyed. So, this was my first experience with it and I was a little nervous. Contrary to what Jeff might say, I do not like to boss people around!ha But I became quite good at it at the rehearsal. We had a great rehearsal dinner at EL Jaripeo. What could be better than a mexican food rehearsal dinner??? Then we headed off to the rehearsal. I haven't really been to very many so I didn't know how to compare it but over all I would say it was organized chaos for the most part. We then all pitched in and cleaned up the church and finished up last minute stuff.
The wedding turned out very, very beautiful. I really had a fun time. Since Elizabeth had mostly prerecorded music and our sound booth is up stairs in a balcony like thing, Jeff gave me a headset attatched to my cell phone and I just called them when the candle lighters went up. It was good because we communicated throughout the whole thing. The biggest blunder was when the Bible bearer and flower girl were waiting on the white carpet and the bride mention quite frantically----"where's her basket of flowers",and the Bible bearer asked quite frantically---"where's my Bible" to which I replied---I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!! Janae ran over to where they were getting dressed to try to find it---I ran in the music room to find a Bible---I ran out shoved a little black Bible in his hand and said "go"! Poor kids they looked bewildered, but they obeyed! By the way we found the pillow and Bible under clothes in the mens dressing room and the basket in the women's dressing room! I about had a nervous break down and I felt really bad but that was the only real goof!
After everything was done we went across the street to the absolutely gorgeous white tent she had rented for the reception. It was a beautiful reception. I wish soo bad that I had given someone my camera for the entire day because I really didn't have very much time to get pictures.
It was a beautiful wedding, perfect weather, great food, and I am soo happy for Bradley and Elizabeth. I thouroughly enjoyed helping out!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Just wondering if it is normal to mow/mulch leaves in a winter coat, hat, and gloves and come in with numb toes??? There is something wrong with that picture!

The Storm

When we went to southern Indiana last month and the big storm hit we were all in the living room getting ready to have "church"(it was on Sunday)Jordan ask me if he could run upstairs and write a poem. He came back down in 15 min. with this:

The winds are howling strongly,
stirring up my fear.
I clutch my faith tightly
lest I lose all I hold dear.

I hold on tight still wavering,
on this wind torn land.
I'm searching, seeking, crying,
for my masters firm hand.

It's blowing even harder,
how can I stay in place.
Without your strength to guide me,
I'll blow away without a trace.

My hands are aching,
My strength is almost spent.
When you said face the storms of life,
Is this the storm you meant?

My soul is being torn,
it's leaving me right now.
It's impossible to go without you,
how can I hold on, how?

I need you now,
My Lord my king.
I need your might,
I beg of you to bring.

My worries gone,
My strength is here.
I should have never doubted,
Your love is always near.

Jordan loves to write poems and just finished his first whole book---his dream is to be a writer someday. I hope his dreams come true!

Friday, October 24, 2008


If you plan on wearing your couch when you go vote, or any of your other upholstery, you should have it dry-cleaned now: only 8 days left until Election Day!

P.S. I stole this from someone else---made me laugh!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sandy Allen/Sarah Palin

Jaida was upset when she found out I went to see Sarah Palin---she wanted to go see the tallest woman in the world too! (I guess she thought we said Sandy Allen)!ha

P.S. Jalen thought it was hilarious and made sure she knew that it would be on my blog! The little stinker! I waited awhile before putting it one here because I was afraid she would ask me!ha

Boring Post

You'd think I would have something interesting to post every once in a while huh??? I guess I've had a boring life lately. We had a bridal shower for Elizabeth Markman tonight.(My nephew Bradley's fiance') Since I'm on the shower committee I kept busy today. We kept it pretty simple so I didn't have alot of cooking to do. It turned out very nice. I wasn't very thrilled to come home to a messed up house! CAN WE SAY SILLY STRING??? Jaida wanted me to take her to Dollar Tree and I didn't have time so Jeff was nice and took her and Jalen. THEY BOUGHT SILLY STRING! After Jeff realized what it was doing he made them go out on the porch---(not much better). So I had dirty dishes from the shower plus their eating mess, dirty floors, polly pockets out, shower stuff to put away etc, etc....I was just thinking how amazing it is that you can have a very nice clean picked up house and leave for 3 hrs and voila----it's a pit! Oh well it is pretty much picked up and it's almost cleaning day anyway so what isn't done can wait until Thurs.
Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful fall weather!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Go Sarah!

One more thing--------WE ARE GOING TO HEAR SARAH PALIN SPEAK THIS AFTERNOON!!!!! About 50 people from our church are going and we are soooo excited!

Fridge update

Just thought I would update everyone on the refridgerator problem. My old one quit again on Sunday. So, we had to get a new one. Whirlpool did say they would give us 15% back on a new one---woooptidoo! It was 5 yrs. old and they said it should have lasted 10 yrs. and we had put $610 worth of repairs into it over those 5 yrs. But, since I had wished I had gotten the satina(stainless look)and my dishwasher is 10 yrs. old, I went ahead and got it. It is the french door, water and ice on the door with the freezer drawer. I LOVE IT! I now have mismatching appliances but I will get a stainless stove in the future.

Getting old

OK so I must really be aging alot! Lately Jaida has been trying to keep my spirits up(I guess that's her goal) by telling me frequently ---mom that sweatshirt makes you look young. Then she fixes my hair in pony tails and says--mom that makes you look young????????? I also remember thinking that my mom was old when she was my age---my how perspective changes!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Roller coasters

conversation overheard:
Jaida: Jalen don't ever ride a big roller coaster without eating first. Cause you know how it feels when your heart comes out of your body and doesn't come back for a long time???

I thought that was a very good explanation on how it feels to ride a rollercoaster and that is why I quit riding them!


Ok, it's time to get busy. We are having fellowship here Sunday night. I got the upstairs cleaned yesterday--yea! Isn't it amazing how your house instantly looks soo much dirtier when company is coming? So, now I need to clean the downstairs, grocery shop, and fix some food. The menu is:
Potato Soup
Another kind of soup not sure yet.
Vegetable tray with dip
and whatever I think we need to add to that
Any ideas?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Crushed by the refridgerator door!

If you don't hear from me for a while you will know that I was crushed by my refridgerator door!ha Let me explain---
About 5 yrs. ago after having the most generic of generic refridgerators from Sam's club--didn't even have an ice maker--we got new appliances from H.H.Gregg. Jeff was actually doing their website at the time so we got the employee discount. The fridge was awesome---had front door dispenser etc. About a yr. later AFTER the warranty had expired the water line to the icemaker froze up. The repairman said that was typical with that model, they had had a few problems. So, we got that fixed. Then, the ice maker went out. Then the water dispenser broke. Then the fridge quit cooling. The other day when he was repairing the water dispenser he took off the door and said it is defective. The pin is so bad that the door could just fall of at anytime and hurt someone! He looked up all the repairs we have done----$610.00 worth! WOW! I will be making a call to whirlpool soon!
He did say that they never have problems with that brand-----we just happened to be the lucky people that got stuck with that one bad one.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Just thought I'd share what I did last week. Since my Aunt Betty reads my Blah(as she calls it)hehe Betty and Litz were in Florida for 3 weeks. I'm tired of seeing her WHITE bathroom--(been like that for too long) so while they were away I stole the key from my mom's house(they were in Florida too)and painted her bathroom and got a new shower curtain, towels, candles, and two candle things to hang on the wall. It was alot of fun and she was very surprised. She is always asking me to help her with her decorating etc. so I knew she would like what I did(at least I hoped)! She even gave me permission to do another room when she goes back to Florida!ha
Janae wanted to know if I had run out of things to paint at our house! It had been over a week, I was having withdrawals. I need to get over and take a picture of it to post.
Hope everyone had a great Sunday!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bad News

We found out yesterday that Jordan has to have surgery again. Quite a bummer. His ear just hasn't totally healed from his surgery last June. Every time we go in the Dr. suctions out tons of junk(sorry if you are squemish)it sounds like when you are at the dentist at get your mouth sunctioned out. The CT scan showed his ear full of fluid and possibly a recurrence of the cholesteatoma(growth). Sugery is scheduled for Nov. 11th. Hopefully that will take care of it so we can get him a hearing aid if his hearing doesn't improve. He only has 50% hearing in that ear and his other ear is down 20%. Needless to say he can't hear very well. The Dr. explained that if you don't hear the same in both ears you don't have stereo and it is really hard on you to be in noisy restraunts etc. It hurts your ears and you can hear things across the room but not hear the person next to you.
Hope everyone has a great day-------I am just loving this fall weather! Only problem is it makes me want to get out and go shopping---I'm trying to refrain though~


Heard something hilarious on the news yesterday. Apparently with gas shortages some big cities don't have gas at some of the stations. They were asking people to please quit calling 911(yes you read that right)to find out which gas stations had gas! Helloooooo-----quite brilliant huh???

Thursday, September 25, 2008

In other news

In other news: Jalen drove our riding lawn mower off the front concrete retaining wall---it is about 1 1/2 foot drop to the front side walk. He always mows the front yard as close to the edge as he can and then they finish with the push mower. Apparently he was attempting to get really close--hehe. No, he said it started sliding down the bank and he couldn't stop it. I figured that was a pretty good little jolt! Don't know what the damage to the mower is yet. Does it ever end????

Jaida's Jokes

Thought I'd share some of the jokes Jaida made up for her new joke book she is writing. I didn't think they were too bad.

1. What did the daddy plug in say to the mommy plug in? You'll be shocked

2. What did the pancake say to the human? Are you trying to butter me up

3. What did the daddy pajama's say to the mommy pajama's? You'll be worn out

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Losing it!

Have no idea why I need to tell on myself but, we have lived in the same house for over 18yrs. and the past few months I have repeatedly tried to flip light switches on where there are none??? Like in places where there never have been any and really even shouldn't be any and on the opposite sides of the doors and rooms??? I truely am losing it!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just wondering?

Does anyone ever just marvel at how much work it takes to keep up with everything???? Just wondering?!

Monday, September 22, 2008