Thursday, January 31, 2008

Word to the Wise!

Teachers at FCA please don't ever even hint to Jalen that their might possibly be a snow day!! It took me quite awhile to convince him tonight that he DID have to do his homework---our conversation went something like this: Me: Jalen, go do your homework
Jalen:But, Mom we have a snow day tomorrow!
Me: No, Jalen you don't know that for sure!
Jalen: Yes, I do---it is 100% chance that it will snow!
Me: Yes, but how many times has that happened in the past--only to not have snow!
Jalen: But, Mom if we would happen to have school then I would have an excuse for not doing my homework!!!
Jalen: he slumps his shoulders and dejectedly heads off to do his much dreaded homework!
(This is actually a very much shortened version of the conversation!--how is it that kids can be sooo smart and yet not understand something that is very simple????)

Sheets and Comforter

This is Jordans sheets and comforter. I STILL don't have his room painted!!!GRRR! I started with the dark blue color. I have part of it done. I was planning on working on it last night and our lights went out around 7:00 P.M. We finally just went to bed at 9:30 and they came back on around 9:40(another GRRR!!) So, everything that I had planned to get done didn't get done!!!(p.s. the kids had a blast with the whole candle light etc.)


This is angel--the injured cat who blinked everytime I tried to take her picture. She is Karris' cat. She is our cat's niece(hehe)--she is all white with one blue eye and one green eye. She is so sweet!

Broken legs

I just read Carries blog on vet tips. I just have one question ---- Karris and Kyler's cat got hit the other day so Janae(as usual)took it in to nurse it back to health. Anyhoo---it has a broken leg so I took it to the Vet. How come it was going to cost $75 for a teensy weensy x-ray of a kitty's leg and Jenny went and got an x-ray of her big person leg(hehe) for a mere $60????? Just really curious!!! (Yes, Jenny thought she had broken her leg too!) I might add that I decided against the x-ray since they would have had to do surgery on the leg(the cat's that is) and I figured if an x-ray was $75, sugery must be in the thousands!ha We went home with pain meds and the cat is doing great except for a leg that will be a little crooked.(Jenny is doing fine too!)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Heat Wave Continued

Continuing the heat wave post---on Sunday it got up to 35 or 40 and Jaida didn't think she needed to wear a coat because it was soooo warm. I was telling Rachel about it and she said Ava wanted to go to the park!!!Ha!(I'm posting this because I'm pretty sure Rachel won't:)!

Friday, January 25, 2008


I'm just sitting here in my warm fuzzy slippers, sipping my hot cappicino, gazing at all the piles of dirt that I just swept up!!! Oh how I wish I had a cleaning lady, then I could just kick back and relax! But, since I don't(kind of ironic because I am the cleaning lady to alot of people--on the other hand maybe I should hire myself) I guess I should get back to reality and sweep up the piles, vaccum the rugs, clean the bathroom, mop the floors, fold the laundry, and straighten up the place. Then maybe just maybe I can relax--of course then it will be time to pick up kids, cook supper, practice piano, do homework, etc. Oh, the life of a mom!! I wouldn't trade it for the highest paid executive position in the world--well, maybe some days but not right now~HA~(Notice I didn't post this this morning at 7:45 A.M. when I was trying to get everyone out the door into the van!)

Heat Wave

There is going to be a heat wave today!!!! It is supposed to get up to 26!!! Yippee!!
That should feel alot warmer than 3 like it was this morning!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Long lost brother

Thought it was cute today at school. Connor and Samuel were walking around with their arms around each other just laughing and playing. I said boys what are you doing? Samuel said "we are brothers" I said "really?" and he said "yes, we just found out yesterday that we were brothers!" Thought you might get a kick out of that Angie!


You know it's been really cold when... you walk outside and think spring has arrived and it's only 28 degrees!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008


Well, we are almost done with Jordan's room. Seems like forever but we have only had work done on it off and on. I picked out a bedspread for him so I can get the paint colors. He actually liked it! He is alomst 15 now and seems to be getting quite picky about certain things. I'll take pics of it and post so maybe you all can give me some really interesting ideas:) He wanted navy blue(not my choice!) the bedspread has blue, grayish taupe, and brown and has geometric like shapes, etc. So, I'm hoping to be creative and paint with those 3 colors and maybe do some horizontal stripes or squares or something! Any ideas???? We need to paint so the trim can be put up and the flooring(I think wood of some kind), and the ceiling isn't finished. I think we are going to put that gavanized metal on the ceiling. We did that on one wall in the boys room and it is really cool.(I give Rachel credit for that idea) I got the primer for the walls today so we can go to town painting!yippeee!
Have a great night!


Just thought it was kind of ironic that Jordan and Janae just shared this experience with me today after Keith's post on ACE schools. Here's what they told me: Janae said that sometimes she falls asleep while waiting on her flag to be answered(hmmmm wander why she doesn't get her goals done??)so the other day Jenny happened to answer her flag and she was drifting off(Jenny didn't notice)she asks Janae what she wants--Janae wakes up and panicks because she has no clue what she really needs so she says---"white out"! I about cracked up!!!! Of all the things to come up with and all she could think of was white out. Jordan says he has had the same problem but he just usually says "I need to go to the bathroom". Kids are pretty sneaky!!! I did enjoy a good laugh over that!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Christmas cards

I made Christmas Cards for the first time ever! I don't profess to know what I'm doing at all and have never had a class on it so they were very simple. I had fun doing it though. I asked for some supplies for Christmas and Jeff got me a box of stuff. It looks fun!

Christmas card pictures

These are just some pictures I took for Christmas cards this year. I grabbed the kids put coats and hats on them and ran outside. I spent maybe 10 min. so I wasn't real picky---it was the easiest pictures ever taken around here! I knew I would get them developed in sepia so I didn't worry about the green gloves, gray sweats with red pinstripe, and army pants(hehe)! These look a little dorky in color!

Jaida's 7th Birthday Bash

This was my feeble attempt to decorate the cake. Jaida didn't want me to buy it she wanted me to make it. Janae drew the cute little dog on the poster board and we played pin the nose on the dog. The little cupcakes are supposed to look like dogs in case you wondered. They all seemed to have a great time!(the girls that is--not the cupcakes)

All the girls acting goofy at the party!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Over heard...

Jaida was practicing her piano song which was Yankee Doodle. Jalen was supposed to be doing his homework at the table. She starts singing along and Jalen says:"Didn't Yankee Doodle have a dog?" He then proceeds to sing(to the tune of B-I-N-G-O)"Yankee Doodle had a dog and Bingo was his name-o" I thought it a little commical!
Of course he was very embarassed when he realized how wrong he was!! And of course the two sisters had to crack up which only made him feel more stupid. And then of course he proceeded to hold his hand over the littlest sister's mouth so she couldn't sing his version of Yankee Doodle. And then of course the the little sister couldn't breathe. And then of course the mother had to step in and stop it all----whew, all because of one little mistake!(We really need some warm weather!!!! I think my kids are too bored!!!!)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Did you know...

Did you know that sniffing Cascade dish washer soap makes you have daisies in your stomach??? I didn't either---until Jaida told me that yesterday.(she loves to sniff it and said it was kind of like butterflies but it was daisies.)

Saturday, January 12, 2008


I don't think I ever really posted any pictures after I painted my kitchen. This is an old booth that was here when we moved in. I had it oplostered a few years ago in a light denim fabric that was looking horrible. I didn't want to put very much money into it because we plan on remodeling the kitchen(at least by the time I'm 90)and will probably take it out. I bought fabric paint and made Jeff spray it for me. It turned out pretty good. I was compaining the other day at how awful my khaki rocker looks and Jaida said--just paint it Mom!(I think she has too much of her Mother in her!)

Sledding Fun

The kids got to go sledding one time when it snowed a while back. They had a blast even though we didn't have enough sleds! We always wait until it snows to decide we need more sleds and Walmart never has any left. Maybe one day we will remember to get them when it isn't snowing;)

Christmas Pictures of our family Christmas

Jalen having his little screaming dancing fit over his new Havoc Heli helicopter.

Thought I would just slowy start posting a few pictures of all of our Christmas parties. These are a few shots of us at home opening presents. As you can tell the kids hated everything they got this year!

Janae(my artist)with her much wanted maniken for drawing.

Jordan with his new accoustic electric guitar. He was very surprised!

Jaida in her new Hannah Montanna wig

If I had only known...

I just read today in the Gennis Book of World Records that a lady holds the record for owning the most Barbies----2,500 different ones. I'm sure Jaida owns a few more than that!!! And how do I know????? I picked through EVERY SINGLE item she has in her toy closet last Tues. and put EVERYTHING in separate containers-------even fashion pollys!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! It took me ALLLLLL evening! But, oh the joy and delight when I look in her closet and see everything so neatly organized. She isn't even allowed to play with it anymore for fear that a Polly Pocket shoe will get mixed up with a barbie shoe etc.---no I'm kidding she can play with them but she has very very strick orders to keep it organized!!! Next week we are on to the scummy basement---please pray for me that I can make it through!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Pictures

Thought you might enjoy seeing something other that Jody's nostrils!

New multi-purpose scarf

Ladies if you run out of things to wear----just throw on your scarf and off you go!
I about cracked up when Jaida came out like this. She has been wanting a scarf like this for some time now and got one for Christmas. I had forgotten how versitile they were!

Jalen's crazy party!

Jalen had a sleepover party again this year. Jeff had the grand idea to have it at is parents house in their new family room! That was so nice! The kids had fun and acted like boys! Imagine that! It was fun to watch Jalen thoroughly enjoy himself! So, much so that he didn't go to sleep until the next evening at 5 P.M.---yep he stayed up all night and all day. I kept trying to get him to take a nap but he said he was trying to break a record. I imagine all the moms were so thrilled with us!!! Most of the boys stayed up until 5 A.M.! I'm sure we sent home some grouchy boys!

"I can't believe I'm 10 yrs. old!"

Old Injury

I just happened to run onto this picture. It was of Jaida's hurt foot. We went to the Hot Dog festival and she got hurt and I just thought she was playing drama queen---wanting to be carried, etc. I felt just a little bad the next day when I took a good look at it!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

It's payback time!

I saved the best for last so it would appear first on my blog!! Does anyone recall the beautiful picture that my dear sister posted of me???? Well, here's to you Jody!!!

Sleeping the day away!

Doesn't it look like we were having such a jolly old time??
I didn't even know that someone took my picture until I downloaded it!

Dog gets cell phone

Jeff lost his phone a few weeks ago. He had been wanting a new pda phone(i think) anyway so he just went and got a new one. When the snow melted he found his phone in the yard! Apparently pepper needed to make a few calls! The phone had teeth marks on it.

Our Family on Christmas Sunday

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!

Thought it was kind of ironic that Jaida managed to lose both front teeth within 3 days of Christmas! The really funny thing was that Shaylee managed to help knock both of them out at two separate occasions. The first was on Dec. 22 when she and Jaida were trying to give each other a high five---Shaylee missed Jaida's hand and hit her in the mouth and knocked the first one out. Then on Dec. 24th Jaida's tooth collided with Shaylee's head and there went the other one! Give her a call if any of you need some teeth removed---she does the work for free!

I think I'm finally back!

OK, so I haven't really posted anything much at all lately. Believe it or not since Dec. 23rd. we have had 5 Christmas get togethers 2 birthday parties(my kids), and a new years eve celebration, so I think I can finally breathe now! Jordan and Janae will have their 15th(boohoo)birthday Feb. 28th so I have a few weeks of rest! I'm going to just start posting pictures and stuff that we have done in the past 6 weeks. So sit back relax and read up!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Scrap it!

Scrap that last post---I found the English language once again!ha!! I am sooo pathetic!!!

No speaka espanol???

Just curious to know if anyone would know why my blog is coming up in spanish now??? There is a place to set the language but English is somehow not listed as an option now? I'm stumped. Once I sign in it is in English but I have to remember where to put my email address and pass word cause thats all in Spanish! Can someone help me please??? Oh--by the way--- once I finally sit down to blog I have alot of pics etc. but it's just finding the time----I've been a few steps behind on EVERYTHING since my kids got out for Christmas break!!!!!!
Adios Amigos!
Also its like Alaska here in Indiana today-----------I'm an ice cube!!!(I'm sorry but -15 windchill feels like Alaska to me!)