Thursday, January 29, 2009


HELP! I need to go some place where it is warm!!!!!BRRRRRRR!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jaida's Room

Jaida's room was in need of paint and bedding. I finally painted it right before Christmas. I had bought her a comforter at Target for $10 so I tried to like it and just couldn't. I looked everywhere for something that was cute and reasonable. Couldn't find anything so I bought fabric(I haven't sewn forever)and made a duvet cover and a few pillows. I used the $10 comforter as the filler for the duvet. We recovered her little bench. It is taking forever but it is finally looking better. Now if I can just finish it!
P.S. Jeff is making headboards for Jaida and Jordan that aren't finished yet! It will look so much better when that is finished.

Thanks to Pottery Barn I got the bird nest idea.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Jody-thought you might want to steal these for your blog since I never remember to let you download pics!

Jalen turns 11( that is hard to believe!)

Jalen had fun at his birthday party. We had it at Grandma and Grandpa Waggoners house again. I think they all stayed up most of the night--crazy kids!

Speaking Turkey

Last week when I went to clean a house I had an interesting situation. Normally they aren't home but when I went in I could hear the baby crying upstairs. I said--hello--hello--no one answered so I started to get busy. I look up the stairs and a lady was standing there shushing me--she started jabbering in Turkey(or whatever people from Turkey talk--I said I'm sorry i don't understand you and she continued to jabber. Finally I said--I'm cleaning the house--to which she replied--Sordy, sordy, sordy, sordy---being interpreted sorry. She was the lady's mother visiting form Turkey. She thought I was her daughter. I have laughed about that all week. She didn't know I was coming so I'm thinking this lady can't speak English and she thinks someone is just invading the house what on earth am I going to do. She then asked me if I would like some tea or anything to eat! It was funny.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Jaida's Birthday photo shoot

I took Jaida to the park on her 8th birthday Saturday. I plan on taking all of my kids to the park one at a time to get new pictures of them. Jaida is just the easiest to get there--she doesn't really have much of a schedule yet!ha

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Photo Shoot

I got to practice with my new lens. My niece Brianna was my guinea pig. We had fun but about froze to death!

I'm still alive---(I think)

I think things are finally kind of getting back to normal. In the past 2 1/2 weeks we have had 5 family Christmas get-to-togethers, a birthday party, and New Year's Eve celebration. Jaida's birthday is Saturday. I'm begging and pleading with her to wait until next week for a party. I think I'm partied out.
Jordan and Janae are in Dr. Ed. now so that has taken up some of their vacation time. They seem to be enjoying it. I'm not necissarily enjoying riding with 15 yr. old drivers but I know that is just part of life!ha
We had a great Christmas and I got the new camera lens I was wanting. The kids were very excited with all of their gifts. It is much easier putting things away now that they don't get all the big toys, etc. It is a little sad though--they are growing up way too fast.
I've been thinking back over this year---my it was a weird one huh? All the political stuff, the economy scare, the gas prices, and so many uncertainties. I was just thinking the other day how it is kind of strange that in my mind a new year is like a new slate or a new beginning. I always think of all the things I would really like to change for the better. Kind of funny how we think we have to wait until January to do it?!! I'm looking forward to a great, prosperous, happy, healthy New Year!
Hope everyone has a great New Year!

Christmas 2008

Janae, Jaida, and Pepper

Jaida being crazy!

The utter mass chaos of gift opening!

Jordan with his two favorite gifts---jacket and phone--"The Rant"

Jaida and her new shirt.

Jaida was the photographer.

Jalen with his usual tonsil showing christmas picture!

Jalen and Jaida with their new webkins.

Jalen overcome with emotion after opening his computer mouse from Janae. Janae isn't quite sure about the whole hugging thing.

Janae and Tux

My pj's from Jaida. Jaida decided last year that she wanted to get everyone a gift so I took her to Dollar Tree and she picked out gifts. Well, this year being a year older she decided she didn't want to go to $tree for gifts because nobody really likes those gifts!ha She also decided she wanted Jeff to take her. I asked her if it was because she knew Daddy would let her spend more money and she said yes! Jeff took both girls shopping on Christmas Eve to Lafayette in the freezing rain! They had a great time but it took them over an hr. to get back home.


The kids favorite gift this year!