Sunday, June 29, 2008


It's vacation time but...
There is still laundry to do
The house still needs cleaned
The beds still need made
The kids still fight
I still have to cook(some)
I still have to do dishes

But somehow it's different and sooo much more relaxing----ahhhh I love vacation!
But I'll still be ready to get back home to the real world too! Isn't life good!

Poison I-veee-eeeee Poison I v---eeeee

ok so the poison ivy is still ITCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally looked it up online and found out some interesting facts about it!!!
1.scratching it isn't what makes it spread(wish I would have know that from day 1 I wouldn't have been sooooo stressed out)
2. if you know you've gotten into it you can wash immediately and probably won't break out(definitely wish I would have known that!!!!!!!!! I will from now on wash thoroughly every time I work in the yard)
3. It isn't contagious(Janae treated me like I had the plague until I found this out understandably so---she has had many bouts with it--once before spring had even come--someone said there must have been spores in the air!)
4.You only get it where the oil actually touched your skin. It just takes longer for some areas to break out(hence the continual spreading for a week---thats very distressing)
5. No, it isn't smart to eat it so you won't be allergic to it! It can make you very sick(I would NEVER do that in a thousand years can't imagine my insides itching-hehe!)
6. It basically itches from the very beginning(when you think it is the worst mosquito bites you've ever had)to the very end(when it finally starts drying up like a yr. later!)

so, now that we've covered that----while we were trying to get everyone in the car at the beach I got eaten up with mosquitos!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP!!!!!! an ant even bit me at the park today!!!!! I think I'm going to just itch to death!!!!!!!


I had a fun day yesterday! I have never been to an IKEA store and I figured there was probably one somewhere here in Florida so I looked it up online. There was one 1hr and 30 min. away in Sunrise Fl. Since everyone has been staying up half the night and sleeping half the day I got up and left around 10 A.M. I got the directions right off their website and took off. It had me taking the turnpike. I am not very confident on that crazy road---I kind of panick when I have to pay the toll cause everyone else knows what they are doing and I feel like a dummy! So I get on the turn pike and cruise along for like an hr or so and pull into the toll booth and the guy says--ticket please---I panick a little and say--um I don't have a ticket I haven't passed any booth to get one. He says--where did you get on?---so I tell him and he says--oh that's for people with Sunpasses only(prepaid tickets for tolls)I about died. He said they take pictures of license plates and if you don't have the pass you could get a $100 fine! I told him I didn't know what I was doing I just went by the directions online!hehe! He was very nice and gave me a receipt. So we will see---I may end up with a fine--or I guess Kim and Steve actually would since it was there car I was in!hehe(Merry Christmas!)
If any of you like to decorate or look at stuff and ever get the chance go to IKEA. It was a very interesting experience. When I pulled in it was like I was at an amusement park or something. They had people actually directing traffic to the parking garages. You walk in this humongous building with 2 levels, cafeteria,and kids play place. You are immediately ushered upstairs to there show room. It is living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, etc. in little sections. So, cool! If you see something that you want you write it down on a pamphlet and pick it up in the warehouse. Downstairs is all the housewares stuff. They had lots of sales and cheap things. I wished someone was with me to share the experience but I still had a good time dreaming! By the time I left it was wall to wall people. Mostly people who spoke a different language. I wouldn't recommend taking kids unless dad is taking them to the play area. I saw alot of frustrated parents and alot of tired kids.
I came home and we all headed for the beach. We learned that if you go in the evening you are alone! It was alot of fun for the kids.
Beth W. sent my camera(thanks Beth)it should be here tomorrow so I can start posting some pics. I have missed it so much! I could have had a whole scrap book just of people sleeping!hehe!
We have been fixing breakfast here(you know at like 2 P.M.) and just grabbing something fast food!! Yuck! I think I need to detox! So, we went to Walmart last night and I fixed regular Sunday dinner today! Yum! Beef, noodles, mashed potatoes,gravy, corn, green beans, carrots,and rolls(good ol sister shuberts). It really hit the spot! When Jaida asked for that salad stuff with the hamburger and potatoes(cabbage, sausage and red potates)I knew we needed something good in us!
So, that's our life for the last 2 days. We plan on going to Cyprus Gardens on Tues. and maybe another day because you can buy one ticket and go back a second day within 6 days!
So, toodles for now! Have a good one

Friday, June 27, 2008

Fresh Pineapple

OK so once again as I was cutting up a fresh pineapple I remembered why I NEED to buy already cut pineapple in a little plastic container(even if it costs more!)By the time I'm finished with a fresh one---um there isn't much to eat!!GRRRRRR(is there something here simple about this that I'm missing??)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Screen door mishap

Jeff and I were sitting in the bedroom and we heard an awful sound at the back screen door. You guessed it--the kids were swimming at midnight mind you and Jalen was being chased into the house--problem was he didn't know the screen door was shut!hehehehe! There was a wet imprint of his body on the door.(Kim and Steve---the door is actually ok believe it or not) It was quite a shocking experience for him!

Bargains(in case you care)

I should probably post about the great bargains I got at The Children's Place outlet. I got Jaida, Shaylee, and Karris very cute pajamas with a monkey on the front for Christmas. They cost $.99 ea.(shhh don't tell them) I also got Alyssa some summer jammies for her birthday for $2.99. I called Jody because I knew Kendrick was in need of some clothes. I got him 9 things for $23.00. Most of the stuff I got him was $1.99 each.(including those adorable patchwork sports coats they had) I love it when you can get garage sale prices at real stores!

Memory loss

I'm pretty sure I must have the beginning signs of dementia. When you are in a strange land driving a strange car... I'm sure I could probably win a funniest home video prize if someone were taping me. About 90% of the time when I come out of a store not only can I not remember where I parked but I can't remember exactly what the car looks like.(I do actually remember that it is silver but there are soooo many little silver cars out there). I feel like a complete moron looking up and down the rows for my car. This has happened several times this week. I do want to go on record to say that when I am home in familiar territory this rarely happens!!!!!


Just wanted everyone to know that there is at least one salamander that is really clean. Those things freak me out! I was doing laundry today and I went to put the towels in the dryer. After I got them all in the dryer I notice a dead salamander with a detatched front leg that was also in the washer. I about died! ooooo gross! Jeff had to come and remove it for me! I'll always be looking very closely when I'm doing laundry here now!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Just forgot to post what Jaida said the other day when we went out to shop. Normally when we come to Florida we get to drive Kim and Steve's BMW convertible. This time it isn't running so to save on gas I am using their KIA instead of driving the van everytime I go to town. Here is our conversation:
Jaida-Mom can we drive the convertible?
Me---no, it isn't running we are driving the other car
Jaida---does it have a top that goes down?
Me---no(we get in this little cheapo Kia that in no way compares to the BMW)
Jaida---Mom this car isn't cool----I think our van is more cool than this----Mom, is our van more cool than this????hehehhehehehe
How does a 7 yr old know that a KIA isn't what you would call a cool car????

Longhorns Steakhouse!!!!

Just wanted to let Sarah and David F., Jody, Beth, and Jenny know that they have the most amazing restaurant here....LONGHORNS STEAKHOUSE!!!! Hehehehehe you really need to try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If any of you want to know the story behind this post bug Sarah into sharing it on her blog!!!hehehehehe

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just Checking In

I thought I better let everyone know that I am having a really rough time. I got up around 10 AM yesterday(because I stayed up way too late) had cinnamon toast and coffee, leisurely got dressed and headed out the door at noon. It was a rough day at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Target but somebody has to do the work around here!hehe I came back around 5 and took Jaida out to a couple of stores down the road. She is so hilarious when she is all by herself. She talks non-stop and acts like a teenager. We were shopping at Bealls outlet and she came up to me and said "mom, there are alot of unpleasant things in this world" I said "really" and she told me she had seen a package of pantyhose!(hehehehe) I about cracked up! I guess she didn't think the picture on the package was very appropriate. She of course wanted to buy stuff and she has a little money but it was funny because she would buy something and say "I still have $10 left"-----I think she spent the same 10 like 3 times! She scares me a little because I see myself in her way tooooo much!
So, that's my little girl but my big girl is a little more like her dad(that's a good thing), she wants to go spend the day at Barnes and Noble!ha! She has spent her vacation reading and drawing(she is quite good at it) How can two kids be sooo different? The boys are having fun too. They all go swimming off and on all day.
Before we left I had 2 really annoying mosquito bites on my arm. Turns out it is poison ivy!!!!! I am going crazy itching!!!! I don't know how on earth Jaida didn't go crazy last summer when it was all over her face and eyes! I have a renewed sympathy to anyone who gets it! I woke up all night itching. Any advice out there?
In other hilarious news----when I got back yesterday the kids had a surprize for me they said. They wouldn't tell me what it was so I looked around and finally realized Jeff had a new haircut! I was still laughing at midnight last night about it. It was long and bugging him so he found scissors, went outside and told Janae to cut it!(very unlike anything he would normally do). I am hoping to get my camera before it grows too much so I can give you all a sneek peek. It isn't horrible but the back has two gouges that are above his hairline and then the sides in the back are still long. There is also a gouge above his right ear. I think I just coudn't believe that he would hand scissors to a 15yr old that has never cut hair and say go at it!!!!! I'm still in shock.
Well, it is almost 11 A.M. and I have lots of work to do(hehehe)so I must go!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

We Made it!

Since I had a big post written and my computer messed up and I lost it---I just thought I'd share with you all that we are here in Florida. We left at 1 A.M. Sat. morning and arrived at 9:30 P.M. Sat. night. I might add that we are very tired!
The kids are enjoying the pool today and Jaida for the first time is swimming all over even in the deep end. Hopefully we will get rested up so we can go do something fun in the next few days!
Tata for now!
P.S. I also might add that I forgot my camera------how utterly disappointing!!!!!!

Jaida saw a salamander on the back screen and said-Mom that's the same one that was here last time(1 1/2 yrs. ago)hehe! I guess he knew we were coming and came back for a visit!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vacation Time Draweth Nigh

Believe it or not we are finally going on vacation. We will leave Fri. if all goes as planned. We are not flying to Florida(we are driving) this time so therefore we can say we will leave at a certain time and then it will probably be about 2 hrs. later that we actually pull out of the drive---that's not counting when we pull back in 10 min. later because we forgot something. That is one thing I do like about flying-we always leave when we are supposed too!ha!
Since we are leaving on vacation I got the bright idea that I really wanted my cabinets painted before I leave!! So, I have been working very hard today! If I ever say "hmm I think I'll paint my cabinets" anytime soon-----someone come over and kick me in the seat! MY BACK IS ACHING!!!!!!! I did the lower frames and one side of the doors in about an hr! So, I thought wow that went great-----------then----------I started the top whew! I have to use oil base paint and it is a bear and I had to stand on my knees on the counter(God forbid I go find a ladder--that might be too easy on me). My cabinets go all the way to the ceiling so then I was standing on the counters with my neck bent so my head woudn't hit the ceiling. I probably will feel really old in the morning when I get up--if I can! I'm still sore from working in the yard yesterday. Anyway the cabinets all have one coat except the back of one door. My house reeks because of the oil base paint. Oh, by the way they are painted "less brown"---that's the name of the color. Since I got such overwhelming advice on what color(harhar--thanks everyone soo sooo much for your support!he) to paint them I just went ahead and went with something different.(imagine that?)
I have to work tomorrow and then Thursday I need to clean my dirty house and pack I also need to fit paying bills for us and our business. I think I will probably be busy for the next few days--aye?
If I don't catch up in the next few---I'll catch up in the sunny state of Florida!
Toodle Loo!

18th Anniversary!

Where does the time go? We had our 18th Anniversary on Sun. June 15th. I really don't think I'm old enough to be married 18 yrs.(Back then I thought 20 was plenty old enough to get married!hehe) We haven't really celebrated yet but Jeff did get me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Friday, June 13, 2008

My Bargain

Just had to post a picture of my bargain today. Got these at a yard sale today. Just happened to see them as I was dropping kids off to summer school. They cost a big whopping $5 for the pair! And they look great in my living room. They do need shampooed. They are a cool green color and aren't really dressy like they look in the pic. The fabric is kind of fuzzy--I love em!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

One of those good days!

Well, I had a much better day than the previous post! I got up this morning not really knowing how much I could expect out of myself!hehe But, I actually did pretty well. I cleaned most of my house, took kids to park, watched them outside while they played with friends and family on a slip and slide, fixed supper, and sanded 5 cabinet doors and 4 drawers. Not bad eh? My body is very tired though I might add---I'm getting too old for all of that activity in one day.
A cute thing that Jaida said today---Jalen and Jaida were discussing the age of Grandpa Mowery. Jalen said---he's 94 going for 95, Jaida replied---let's see if he can make it to 100! I about cracked up! I guess it's a game maybe--the game of life!ha!
Sorry I haven't posted any pictures lately. My computer messed up and they had to reformat it so voila---all my pictures were toast! So, I have to load them again and before I am allowing myself to do that I am going to go to Walmart and get some prints made so I can delete some of them on my computer. I had too many on here and it took up too much space.
I'm like Jalen---I'm already afraid the summer is going too fly by toooooo fast. I think we are going to Florida in a week or so and we will stay for a couple of weeks. We will go to Friends camp for a week and school starts the middle of August this year, so it will go sooo fast!
Happy summer time to all!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

One of those days

This has been kind of "one of those days". You know when everything you set out to do didn't get done??? Started off by taking Jordan and Janae to summer school at 9:00, then off to Indianapolis with Jordan for his ear recheck appt. at 11:45. Found out that he needs a CAT scan because his ear(the one that had the major work done on it) is still draining and he still doesn't have very much hearing(believe me I know)in it. Also found out our new insurance will not cover a CAT scan(yipppeee)---the Dr. was very nice though and when he found out we only have hospitalization ins. now he gave us a discount---instead of the $140 fee it was $68.(that was the good part of the day). I got home just in time to get Janae from school at 2:00. Came home to get Jalen to get him to his 3 yards he needed to mow since we got rained out on Fri. and Sat. Left in the truck and remember the brakes were really bad!! Called Jeff and he said just run it over to Midas they should be able to fix it in 30 min. Drop of mowers and weed eater at first yard. Go to Midas---wait 30 min. and find out it needs alot more work that we thought--you know like $350 worth! So, I try to call Jeff to get the OK. He is on the phone appearently---so the guy is just sitting there waiting on me while I'm sitting there waiting for Jeff to call me back---a little intimidating. Jeff calls and we decide to do only $238 worth of work(wow how nice)!So, while Jalen and I are sitting there I'm dying because he still has 3 yards to mow. That's when the storm clouds came rolling in---yep---along with pouring rain! So, we finally left the shop at 5:00 P.M. went to the yard picked up the mowers and came home!!!!
Oh yeah, I was going to work in the yard this evening too! So, nothing much got done just a little laundry, supper, and the usual continual straightening of the house. If I sound bitter I'm really not(ha)just a little disappointed that I got absolutely nothing done that I had planned----oh well, there is always tomorrow!!!! And how was your Monday????

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Breaking News!

Breaking news to all you Frankfort folks!!! Milky Way now accepts debit cards!!hehe!

Wedding Bells

We went to Denisa Campbell's wedding today! Everything turned out so nice and pretty. They did a great job! It was sooo sweet that Greg proposed to Debbie(she is my cousin and was my flower girl---my I'm getting old) at the reception in front of everyone----we all held our breath until she said "yes"!!! It's a proposal that we will never forget!!! Congratulations everyone!!!!!


Jenny and Jody do you have any Entenmans(sp)doughnuts hiding anywhere????? Just wondered?(how about Reese cups??)


None of you Mom's out there ever hide chocolate do you???
I just cracked up a minute ago when Jaida said---"Mom I found your chocolates"

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Orange paint

It's been kind of a weird day! First of all I could not go to sleep last night!GRRR!! I was still awake at 2:30 A.M. and when I did finally doze off I couldn't stay asleep---had that stupid restless leg thing last night! Anyway I have been tired and useless all day.(besides the fact it rained most of the day!)
I did muster up all the strength I had and went to Curves. Came home and fixed supper(oh, I did fix lunch too!). It was a new recipe called spaghetti pie--very good by the way---I'll have to post recipe sometime because it was very easy. I have been needing to paint my cabinets for awhile now. They are old cabinets but in decent shape. We painted them 18 yrs. ago when we bought the house and they have held up wonderfully but are a little chipped so I decided to start the process. I'm telling myself I don't have to do it all in one day so I don't chicken out. I took the first door off and Jalen started sanding it for me. He did a great job! I've been torn on what color to paint them---they have been cream(that was the big thing 18 yrs. ago---you know the stove and fridge and all)so, now I have white appliances and was thinking I would just paint them white but am toying with the idea of painting them brown??? So, we will see. But back to the reason I was sharing all of this----I sent Jalen to the laundry room to get the little hand held electric sander so he got it and started sanding. About 2 hrs. later I head up to put some laundry in the dryer I turn around to leave the room and gasp in horror!!!!!!!When he got the sander apparently he also managed to knock my beautiful orange paint onto the floor and about 2/3 of a gallon of paint was on my newly painted wood floor!!!!!Huge puddle running into my NEW rug and Sheets that were folded and lying on the floor!!!! I wanted to cry but instead I grabbed Jordan who was walking down the hallway and he helped me----about an hr. later it was cleaned up!! Whew! Thankfully it didn't happen yesterday when all of our clean clothes were folded in piles on the floor! The only thing I couldn't get it out of completely was the cracks in the hardwood so I will have to go over the floor again with the brown paint! Jalen of course felt horrible!! Poor kid!
So, that's my lovely ending to a very boring day!
Maybe I should take a survey on what color to paint my cabinets! My kids all say brown because white is boring and they have been cream forever! Any thoughts on that anyone???? The walls are that aqua color.(blueish green)