Thursday, April 24, 2008

A bunch of nothing

Sorry, for the lack of blogging. I'm just not having anything interesting to blog about. It was pointed out to me at IHC that I have never taken pictures of Jordan's room since it has been finished. I wanted to decorate it a little first but since that isn't happening I will try to get pictures of it tomorrow!
We have been busy but not with anything specific---just life in general. Kids only have 4 weeks of school left. They are very ready for summer break. I think I am too;). Jaida has been going outside as soon as she gets home from school and staying out all evening. I love it when they can play like that and you don't have to tell them to get off the computer, videos, etc.!!
Well, if anything really exciting happens here in this neck of the woods I will be sure to let everyone know about it!!!


not exactly my idea of where tulips should be but... my little neighbor kids(I'm assuming it wasn't their parents)picked these and had them scattered all around their van!!! The stems were very short so I didn't have much of an option! I have enjoyed them on my kitchen table but much prefer them outside!


My porch swing needed a little help. The pads you see are too small for this swing and besides that they were pretty expensive. I got this outdoor fabric at Walmart for under $5.00.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Sharing toothbrushes!!!

Have you ever been almost finished brushing your teeth and realize you are using someone else's toothbrush???? I did that Thursday morning. I was almost finished when it dawned on me that my toothbrush was still downstairs with my stuff from IHC I slowly gazed down at the wrong toothbrush. I was using Jalen's!!!!!! I had to just not think about it and move on! I was hoping it wouldn't be an indication of what my day would be like.
In other news on senior moments----I was grocery shopping the other day and was getting ready to turn down an aisle and was thinking I needed to turn on my turn signal!hehe! Not a bad idea huh? carts with turn signals!


By the way we too felt the earthquake. I was too tired to feel scared but I was trying to sort out in my head what on earth it was.(pardon the pun) Our windows were rattling and the whole house was shaking! Jeff who's alarm(as usual) had been going off and he immediately said that's an earthquake. I'm like no way. I have been cracking up at what every one is saying they thought it was. I really laughed at Janiece thinking it was Jerry scratching his leg because Rachel thought the same thing (about Jeff that is--hope she doesn't mind me saying that!)must have been one bad itch!haha
I guess it's official my Dad is getting old. Jalen told me that when Grandpa picked him up from school on Wed. he didn't go over 25mph the whole way home. He said he watched the speedometer. He told me that it took forever to get home and he was so bored!hehe Just thought you might want to know that dad. I know he must be old because when we were kids we zipped all over town.

Back Home Again in Indiana

Well, yes, I too am back from IHC. Janae and I decided to go with Jody and Travis on Wed. because Jeff couldn't go and I didn't really want to go alone with no family there. Travis had to be there for a meeting at 8:30 A.M. so we had to leave here at 5:50 A.M. and when you go with Travis----you leave on time!!!!!!!hehe I don't think I have ever in my life been there in time for the moring devotion!ha We saw lots of old friends(some young ones too)and had a great day. I left Jalen and Jaida with Jeff. It was funny--Jalen said he wanted to stay home and then Jaida said---I think I'll go and I said oh no you wouldn't like it you better stay home!hehe I'm quite sure she had a much better time right here. We had to stay until the last dog died-- That happened to be the UBC alumni meeting after the 4 hr service on Wed night:). We rolled out of there at 11:00 P.M. and got home around 2 A.M. Wow am I ever getting old! It has taken me 2 days to feel better. I had to clean a house on Thurs. morning after getting up at 6:30 to get kids to school. Hopefully I will be back to normal soon!ha

Friday, April 11, 2008


The last major project was this mirror and vanity. I'm afraid everyone will really gasp at this---sorry. It was still in good shape but was a golden oak color. I've been wanting to paint it for a long time to give it a little update and finally took the plunge. I love it!
I'm sure my grandparents would just die if they read my blog!:)(I forgot to take a picture of the vanity prior to painting--rats!)
I'm curious how many of you think I'm nuts and how many like it better??? Let me know.(if you enlarge the pic you will notice the drawer pull is missing--I have a cool stainless one but the srews were too short so I have to make a trip to Kramer)



Just thought I'd share a few of the projects I've been working on. I love decorating and seeing everyone else's taste but I'm sure I'm boring to alot of people who aren't interested in that kind of thing!
I got this bench probably 10 years ago and it has been on my landing ever since. I think it got rained on through the open window a few times and it wasn't in very good shape. I had a throw over it for the past few years. So, I got the bright idea to update it a little. Jeff performed surgery on it and made it sturdier and I reupholstered it. I hope you all don't gasp--my style had just changed over the years:)


I wanted to give my bathroom a face lift without repainting or spending alot of money. The walls are brown and I wanted to add a bright green color. I found this shower curtain for $13 at Kohls(found out that's a really good place to find a good selection----believe me I searched everywhere else)and I just added a couple of green towels and the kids had the green bottles from a festival(homemade rootbeer came in them)so I just bought the viney flower things. The little bird bath was in my dining room and I was tired of it there so I put it in the bathroom. I had fun and I like my bathroom once again.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Break is over

Well, spring break came and spring break went! It flew by! The kids enjoyed their time off and it was nice for me to not have to get them up in the morning etc. They went camping as planned on Fri. even though it was cold and rainy. It got down in the 30's during the night Fri. They still had fun and Jaida said she would remember it forever. I had a nice time while they were gone too. I found out that the Isaac's were going to be at a local highschool on Fri. night so I dragged Rachel along and we went to the concert. It was alot of fun.
We had fellowship here on Sunday night so it gave me a good excuse to get some of those projects done that I had put off. I spent alot of spring break just working around here and I enjoyed it. I think I'm still tired from it all though! I'm not exactly wanting to work up a sweat this week.ha!
I'll try to post some pictures of the campsight(taken with Jeff's cell phone) and some of the things I was up to last week. I can't believe it has been a week since I posted anything. I just haven't felt like I have anything at all interesting! Sorry! Maybe something really exciting will happen this week!hahahahaha!!!!!
In other news----my laundry room is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea!!!! Mike finished it yesterday now I just have to repaint a wall and some trim and repaint the floor! I told him I'm tired of all the work he is creating for me! I create enough on my own!