Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Thought I should let everyone know that I went to a concert last night and heard Liberty Quartet for the first time.(Also because Keith W. informed me that he reads my blog on a consistent basis---which by the way intimidated me very much to say the least---I consider him one of the best writers on here)anyway it was soooo good. I feel bad Keith cause I don't think I really told you that. We were all busy chatting about other things and I failed to tell you that you do an awesome job. Your quartet did an outstanding job and were very entertaining. I will definitely make sure I let people know they should be supporting you guys!! Have a safe trip home.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Seven things about me

I've been tagged---
1. I was a certified Dental Asst. before I had kids.
2. I love vanilla cokes from Milky way(surprised you all huh?)
3. I have 2 kids with birthdays within 9 days of Christmas(not very good planning huh?)
4. My other two kids have the same birthday(tee hee they are twins)
5. I love mexican food
6. I've only been out of the country one time(went to Bolivia to see my sister--surprised her!)
7. I haven't moved since I got married 17 yrs. ago(my what you can accumulate)!
8. I'm horrbile at doing things like this!!!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Laundry Room

The very vibrant (rejuvenate was the paint color)newly remodeled laundry room. It still isn't quite finished I just didn't take pictures of what wasn't done!

I am so excited about this sink! My old laundry room sink drain hadn't been hooked up for years!

Why I have so much confidence now!

Jalen's drawing of me.
Can you see the resemblence??

Thursday, September 20, 2007

School Stories

I've decided today that I really need to start a journal of my day helping out at school!!! It is sooooo interesting! From one kid who was crawling to his desk from the scoring table because his legs were tired from brake, the hilarious story being told about a monkey that fell from outerspace and got hurt(the kids told him he hadn't been to outerspace cause he had been in school---he said no, I went to outerspace with my uncle before I started school),the 1st grader who said her sister was freaking out last night!!!! It is just tooooo funny!!!!

Growing Kids

I'm just shocked at how the fast our kids are growing!!! We made marks on the doorway a few months ago. Last night they all got measured again and they are all anywhere from like 1 in. to 1 1/2 in. taller!!! I couldn't believe it! Janae is thrilled because she is sooo close to being as tall(if you call it tall) as me.
Can we do anything to stop this?????

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lots of Self Confidence

Jalen wanted to draw a picture of me in church tonight so he told me to turn my head towards him. Then he replied---oooo high forhead, really big forhead, pimple(it was a teeny mole), freckles----now if that doesn't give someone alot of confidence in themself I don't know what will!!!!!!!!!!

Piano toes

Jaida started piano lessons a couple of weeks ago and has been doing really well. When you first start every finger has a number until you learn the notes. Well, that must really be on her mind cause she told me tonight that toes number 1,2, and 3 on her left foot needed clipped! Cracked me up!

Random Pictures

NO hair day(oops I'm probably going to be in trouble for this)

crazy hair day

crazy hair day

crazy hair day

crazy hair day--last year

Kitty face painting at Sea World

The tired kitty on the way home

Nothing New

I have no idea why I think I should be blogging right now! it is 5:37 P.M. and we have church at 7:00. I worked today and rushed home to get Jalen to his orthodontist appt. So glad I rushed because we waited for 35 min. before they called him back!!! We were in there for over an hr. I do believe that is the hardest thing for me to do---WAIT------when you are thinking of everything you have to do! Jeff always tries to get me to relax about stuff like that but it doesn't seem to help.
Anyone with cute,cheap ideas for crafts let me know. I'm trying to take a craft when I volunteer on Thurs. at our school. Kids are in grades 1-3. I can find things but it's hard to find things that don't cost! Sooo, I have to find something for tomorrow. Also have to cook a meal tomorrow for a new mother at church sooooo as I said what on earth am I doing blogging??
I've been on a cleaning out rampage. When I get more done I'll try to take some pictures. Don't think I ever posted pics of my newly painted kitchen and my laundry room is close to being done.
So, since I have absolutely nothing exciting or interesting to say I think I'll sign off off for now.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Laundry room update!

I'm getting excited! My laundry room is almost done. There are still a few things to do but I got the floor painted and I'm moving back in! Yea!!!!! Jeff also put shelves up in the little closet off our family room that I use for Jaida's toy closet. We went from containers on the floor, little book shelves, pull out plastic drawers etc. to 4 10 ft. by like 2 ft. shelves!!!! I got all the stuff that was in that closet on the shelves with like 3/4 of the shelf space left. So, I get to clean out Jaida's bedroom closet and put ALL of her toys down there! I can't wait!
I will take some pictures of my laundry room soon(oh how exciting to you all---pictures of a laundry room!Ha!) so you can see it! Pretty funny what makes us girls happy huh?!

You know your coffee is too weak when....

I have been telling Jeff forever that he makes coffee way to weak! I don't even drink his anymore, I make my own. He told me my thoughts were confirmed. Jaida asked him for a drink of his coffee and then replied---that doesn't even have any taste. I figure if a 6yr old thinks the coffee is weak----well, it's weak!

Bars--something straight

Jaida: "Mom what are those places called that have beer and pool tables?"
Me: "You mean bars?"
Jaida: "Oh yeah, I thought it was lines---I knew it was something straight---those places are bad"
Thought that was cute!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy Tuesday!

Well, I don't have anything humorous or exiciting to say today! Just a normal Tuesday with normal schedules. Yesterday Jalen said--Mom since school started all we do is go to school, eat, work, and sleep! How true that is. It is a little sad that a new school year has begun but I am starting to really enjoy the structure it brings. It has been a little bitter-sweet having everyone gone all day---but my how nice it is at times to be able to clear my mind and actually think about things. I have enjoyed some alone times and am slowly getting some projects around here done.
It is rainy and in the 60's today so it seems like fall is just around the corner and that makes me smile!
Have a Wonderful Day!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Back To School

I did my first day volunteering at school Thursday! My it is soooo interesting! And quite funny at times! I could probably even have some good blackmail material on some of you! Ha! The kids were very good most of the day and most of them got their work done. I will say that a couple of kids were very distraught over a demerit!!! Which seems really strange to me considering when I went to school we all got demerits for EVERYTHING!!! So, it wasn't a huge crime. I guess maybe times have changed. But please parents don't think it is the end of the world when you kid talks in school and gets a demerit---they are just kids and they have a hard time keeping their mouths shut like some of us adults! HA!
I have never really wanted to be a teacher but I helped some last year too and was very surprised at how easy it is to love alll the kids--even the trouble makers! They are soooo cute and gives hugs all day long!

"Eggs and Toast"

Jalen talking about his uniform shirt:
"Mom where did you get this shirt? Eggs and Toast or was it French Toast"!
Thought that was hilarious!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Creations by Jaida

Jaida had a special class at the Library and they got to decorate a cake! Pretty neat considering she got to bring the whole thing home!

Jaida did this all on her own one day and of course I had to take a picture of it. Isn't it fun to see the difference in each kid? I can already tell that Jaida is going to be very creative. She already wants to decorate her room etc. On the other hand Janae is going to be an awesome cook someday---she already knows that lots of cheese(and salt and pepper) makes everything taste better! Jalen is going to be a very loving boyfriend(that concerns me a bit--ha!)and husband and Jordan is very sensitive and EVERYONE's best friend!

another creation by Jaida