Saturday, July 4, 2009

Drive By Shopping

Just had to say I'm cracking up! I have had a Yard Sale the last 2 days. I guess on the second day it just doesn't look as good cause I have had about 5 people slow down pull over and then drive off! Not looking too good today!

Lumber Adventure

I know---haven't blogged forever. Seems like the days are just flying by and I have been keeping very busy.
Thought last nights events deserved to be blogged about. Jeff and I went to Lowe's to get some lumber to build Jaida a playhouse. As I was helping him load it on the cart(we had 3 of those big cart things) I was asking if this was going to fit on the truck--he said yes no problem. When we left with like 50 2x4's and wood siding and about 15 sheets of OSB the people in the truck behind us were actually pointing and laughing!ha Jeff decided we better go through the country instead of the interstate. So as we were coming up the big hill we noticed that things were sliding off a bit. He stopped and tried to push it back on but couldn't. He was looking for something to back into when I noticed it was really falling off. It was dragging the ground by that time. So we had to dump the WHOLE load on the ground in the middle of the road. We lost another 6 boards as we were coming into Frankfort. It only took us about 2 hrs. to get home from Lafayette! Too bad we didn't have a camera crew behind us--we could have made some money on Funniest Home Videos. I guess those short bed trucks just aren't made to haul lumber!
I'll keep everyone posted on the playhouse progress. Jaida says this is going to be the best month of her life!ha New playhouse and going on a weekend vacation next week!
Hope everyone is still alive and well and hopefully I will be taking some pictures in the near future!
Happy 4th!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jordan's headboard

We finally got Jordan's headboard finished. I looks really nice in his room.

Easter Baskets

Jordan didn't really want his picture taken---I guess that is obvious!HA I didn't realize his eyes were crossed until I uploaded his picture.

Easter 2009

Long overdue Easter pictures. Had dinner at Mom and Dad's and did the annual easter egg hunt! Everyone had a good time.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Friday Fun!

Just thought I'd share a few GRRS from Fri. Got home on Wed. and just worked around here (as little as possible) on Thursday trying to get laundry done etc. Friday Jaida ran out to ride her bike and came running back in. She said her bikes were gone and the neighbor boys said a police took them and gave them to another little girl???? So, with our history lately of stolen bikes I ran outside and looked everywhere. She was positive that she had put them in the garage before we left on vacation. The neighbor kids said they got them out(jolly!) and rode them 2 yards down and left them. So, I go over to the boys that were playig ball and ask them if they knew anything about it. They said with big eyes--yes, the lady that lives here called the police(because she is grouchy they said)and they came and took the bikes!grrrrrrr!!!! So, I called the police station. They say--yes, we have the bikes do you know the serial numbers???? hahahahahhaha that is soooo hilarious! Me---know serial numbers???? I don't tend to be that organized about things like that! The lady said we don't give them back unless you can give us serial numbers. I guess you are supposed to register your bike at the police station? Anyway with a little pleading they allowed us to get the bikes back as long as we paid $2 per bike to register them when we picked them up. Ah--at least that saved me some money!
On to the next bit of excitement for the day. Jaida was playing like the sink upstairs was a hot tub for her barbies. Only problem was she turned the sink on and started doing other things. I'm in the kitchen and all of a sudden there is water running out of the light. I run upstairs to get it turned off and in the meantime Jalen tries to help by getting EVERY pan out of the cabinet to "catch" the water. So, now not only do I have a mess but I have to wash all the pans!ha Came down and had to take the cover off the light----ha! Got drenched doing that! Kids thought it was funny though! That was our excitement for the day!
That was my weekend---how was yours??

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Just thought I'd share a few things from our trip. We left at 12:30 yesterday. We were in a rush as usual trying to get everything packed up etc. Jordan was the last to get in the van. He climbs to the back seat and sits-----on the glass cylinder vase that Janae had insisted we keep from the wedding reception! You know the one with the real gold fish that were on the tables.ha! The gold fish that I DID NOT want to bring home but Janae could not bare to think what would happen to them so I gave in and let her!:) Jalen pipes up and says---Jordan hope you don't get glass in your patoot!ha Anyway we had to go sweep it out since it was shattered. We then went to Sonic which has become a new favorite for the kids. Then it was on to the 6 hr. trip to Lexington.
Jeff has business meetings here so we are kind of on our own. The kids had fun in the game room here at the hotel and then I took them to chilis. You would have thought they hadn't eaten in years. They loved the food. When I suggested we go there Jaida was sure she didn't like it. Since she likes everything I wondered why she thought that. Later on she told me she thought all they had was yucky chili!ha
So, now it is past noon and I'm trying my hardest to get them alllll motivated to get up and get moving so we can go get lunch. Jaida has already claimed the left over quesadillas from chilis. She thought that sounded way better than McDonalds! Smart girl!
One more day and we will be heading home. I think I'm ready for a little space. I told the kids that when we get home we are all going to move into the family room. They didn't think that was a good idea!;)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Monday!

So, I have been a horrible blogger lately! I just don't have it in me right now. We are getting ready to go to South Carolina for our nephew Brent's wedding so I thought I would post something before we leave.
First I need to brag on all the kids at FCA. They went to ACE convention for the first time and came away with alot of awards. I know my kids had a blast. Jordan wrote a radio program and he and 3 or 4 other students took 1st place in that. Janae got 4th place in clay sculpture. They got some other stuff too.
Jeff and I went to see them on Thurs. Thought I'd share our fun on the way home for those of you who aren't on facebook. We left Muncie and before we got out of town Jeff got pulled over for speeding. He was going 45 in a 30. He got a verbal warning and we were on our way. We were probably 40 min. down the road when out of nowhere there were blue flashing lights once again. This time he was going 67 in a 55. Even though Jeff really didn't see the humor in it---I did!hahaahahaha I mean what are the chances. He was even trying to be careful. He didn't see the police but had just slowed down to 60 because he realized we were going too fast. Only problem was the guy had already clocked him. Once again he got a verbal warning!
Well, now I just have several fun things lined up to do before we leave on Wed. You know like, cleaning, packing, paying bills, working, getting people lined up to take care of pets, cleaning out the fridge, doing laundry...need I go on??? So, I guess I better get off of here and get busy!
Have a good week everyone!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"The Babies" turn 16!!!!

We had a surprise 16th birthday party for Jordan and Janae. We had around 55 or 60 people there. They had a great time. I wasn't able to take the pictures so Jeff did:)!(I think he needs a few lessons-ha)

Hailey Marie

Aunt Betty's first great grand child.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Jordans writings----Since I don't blog anymore:)

Touching the surface of a dream is harder to me than any miss. When your about to reach the top is also when your the most vulnerable to fall down. It's the moment that will leave you crying with joy or sobbing with sadness. To me the hardest part isn’t climbing my way to the top. It's trusting myself to deal with life no matter which way it goes. To me it's all about how you deal with life after and what you learn from it. Touching the surface of a dream always scares me, but then i think of Jesus and how he accomplished the greatest dream in the world. The freedom to communicate with our Creator and Lord through him. How when he was praying in the garden he could have quit. He had control of his own dream, or rather the dream God had planned since he was sent down to live with us. I don't know a single person that could have done what he did for me that day. To follow through on the dream of someone else without a second thought of my own fate. To me he never touched the Surface. He didn't give himself the option when reaching the top. He reached it without pause and made God's dream our reality. That thought gives me comfort when I'm touching the surface and wondering which way my life will go from here. Touching the surface, isn’t a decided factor after the choice is made, it’s decided the minute you choose that no matter what happens you'll never give in and you won't be afraid to start the climb again. You couldn’t have a better One to guide you
If you’re reading this I’m probably dead. My name? I choose to remain nameless as I write what might be my last words. Why, you might ask. Because it’s all I have left that cannot be taken save my will.
We’ve been trapped here for who knows how many lifetimes it seems. This desolate mountain pass is the only way they can come in. And the only way we can hold back their enormous numbers. Since the beginning they’ve outnumbered us five too one. I have no semblance of time anymore, but I would say at best it’s been too long for anyone to stand. Our lines look like ragdolls, our men like ghosts, and our swords are as broken as our bodies. But still we fight on. Who are we? We to anyone else are merely the fighters, the defenders, the saviors of our homes and families, as well as our beliefs and their lives.
The sunshine never seems to make its way down through these peaks. They rise from either side jutting into what might as well be oblivion. The rain however seems to always find its way down, as do the freezing winds, and snow. The fire is never enough to keep warm. The enemy is relentless in its quest for our lives. Who are they? They are the reason we fight, and the reason we are here. They are the ones who wish to take away our freedom. They are the ones who wish us dead. I give them no name, as they are only to us the enemy. They never stop coming and seem to care little how many of them are silenced for their goal. If they have a goal.
My sword has been dull for a long time due to relentless use. Even now it’s still stained from the last stand we made. Last night, or maybe it was morning, I’m not sure. We held them strong but suffered greatly for it. Maybe it’s all for some lost cause and they’ll take everything anyway. I’ve asked myself this same question thousands of times. And I’ve decided that whatever the cost I will stand alone if I have to, to keep them away.
Call it foolishness if you wish, or madness, but I won’t let them past me until I’m cold on the ground. Our king has been with us from the beginning. He is the first to fight and the last to leave. The only thing that keeps us together are his words of encouragement and hope. His presence and courage keep us fighting and constantly remind us of why we are here.
Not for glory, not for praise, not for wealth, but for the promise of a life spent in peace and happiness under his rule. Do I think we can win? Yes. Do I think I will live through this to see this reward? I don’t know. But I do know that no matter what it can’t and won’t be said that I didn’t give the best of my ability. I’ll fight for my king.
What is his name? To us and the people he is our ruler, our friend, and our savior from harm. He leads us fearlessly, and governs us wisely. His name I’ll not tell you, for it means nothing unless you understand what he does for us.
I hear the horn echoing through the walls. The enemy approaches. Will this be my final stand? I do not know. But I do know that no matter what, nothing is going to take away our will to fight, and our will to win our freedom. Our king told us himself before coming here that many of us would die, and that we might be here for a time longer than imaginable. But he promised that those who fought on would receive their reward. So I march to meet them. My friends are taking their spots on the line and are waiting for me.
We will stand together until the end. Until the very mountains that surround us crumble and rain down. We stand for our people, we stand for our king. I stand for Him.


We all face dangers and hard times in this life. Most of them probably arent life threatening but still real. We all think about giving up and maybe some of us do. But remember that God never leaves us, and that he's there to lend us his strength the entire way. WHo is the fighter? Who are the enemy? Who is the king? I am the fighter, and with or without you I'll fight for my King. Who are you?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Musings

I guess we are getting old---Jeff asked me if I wanted OutBack for Valentines and I chose to stay in town and got to Eljaripeo! It was kind of funny when we saw another couple from church and then found out mom and dad went there too!ha! Since I told Jeff not to spend money on flowers I got a card and my favorite chocolates. That is just fine by me!
Nothing new is going on in this neck of the woods. Had a few sick kids last week but it didn't last long they just took turns staying home from school a few days.
We are having a quiet day at home on Presidents Day. It feels like it should be warm out but it isn't. The sun has been shining all day and with kids home it feels weird like it is summertime or something.haha I guess I'm hoping.
Well, if anything earth shattering happens----you'll be the first to know!haha

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I just made the most disgusting supper!! Ham that was burned---went to make mac and cheese and had none---so I grabbed a little envelope of fetticini alfredo---cooked that dry-grrrrr. The only thing good was the cauliflour and cheese and cheesy potatoes! Oh well better luck next time huh?
In other hilarious news---I read the headlines on Yahoo----"Men increasingly using Botox to erase worry lines"----hahhaa I thought it said Men increasingly using Boxing to erase worry lines---couldn't figure that one out for a long time!ha
I'll be ok--I think??

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weird day!

I shared this on facebook but thought I'd share here. It has been a day full of surprises!ha I got up this morning and went to wake up Jalen-----only to find he had gotten sick(polite way to put it) all over his bed and rug. He was not in his room. I actually panicked a little. I found him on Jordan's futon---said he didn't want to bother me!hahaha It bothered me all right. It had been sitting for awhile.
So,that started my day. Then, I left to go get Jordan and Janae from Dr. Ed. at 8:30I walk out to the car and I see this animal that I think is the cat I saw earlier today. I said--what are you doing?(I know kind of weird to be talking to a cat but it wasn't running away like I expected it too)right when I'm beside it I realize it is an opposum!!!!! WWAAAAAAA! I about died right there---I ran all the way back to the house----and then was afraid to go back out there. I finally stomped and made noise all the way to the car! I'm still freaked out!(it would have been a great video I'm sure---thank goodness no one was around to see all that)

Thursday, January 29, 2009


HELP! I need to go some place where it is warm!!!!!BRRRRRRR!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jaida's Room

Jaida's room was in need of paint and bedding. I finally painted it right before Christmas. I had bought her a comforter at Target for $10 so I tried to like it and just couldn't. I looked everywhere for something that was cute and reasonable. Couldn't find anything so I bought fabric(I haven't sewn forever)and made a duvet cover and a few pillows. I used the $10 comforter as the filler for the duvet. We recovered her little bench. It is taking forever but it is finally looking better. Now if I can just finish it!
P.S. Jeff is making headboards for Jaida and Jordan that aren't finished yet! It will look so much better when that is finished.

Thanks to Pottery Barn I got the bird nest idea.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Jody-thought you might want to steal these for your blog since I never remember to let you download pics!

Jalen turns 11( that is hard to believe!)

Jalen had fun at his birthday party. We had it at Grandma and Grandpa Waggoners house again. I think they all stayed up most of the night--crazy kids!