Monday, October 27, 2008


Just wondering if it is normal to mow/mulch leaves in a winter coat, hat, and gloves and come in with numb toes??? There is something wrong with that picture!

The Storm

When we went to southern Indiana last month and the big storm hit we were all in the living room getting ready to have "church"(it was on Sunday)Jordan ask me if he could run upstairs and write a poem. He came back down in 15 min. with this:

The winds are howling strongly,
stirring up my fear.
I clutch my faith tightly
lest I lose all I hold dear.

I hold on tight still wavering,
on this wind torn land.
I'm searching, seeking, crying,
for my masters firm hand.

It's blowing even harder,
how can I stay in place.
Without your strength to guide me,
I'll blow away without a trace.

My hands are aching,
My strength is almost spent.
When you said face the storms of life,
Is this the storm you meant?

My soul is being torn,
it's leaving me right now.
It's impossible to go without you,
how can I hold on, how?

I need you now,
My Lord my king.
I need your might,
I beg of you to bring.

My worries gone,
My strength is here.
I should have never doubted,
Your love is always near.

Jordan loves to write poems and just finished his first whole book---his dream is to be a writer someday. I hope his dreams come true!

Friday, October 24, 2008


If you plan on wearing your couch when you go vote, or any of your other upholstery, you should have it dry-cleaned now: only 8 days left until Election Day!

P.S. I stole this from someone else---made me laugh!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sandy Allen/Sarah Palin

Jaida was upset when she found out I went to see Sarah Palin---she wanted to go see the tallest woman in the world too! (I guess she thought we said Sandy Allen)!ha

P.S. Jalen thought it was hilarious and made sure she knew that it would be on my blog! The little stinker! I waited awhile before putting it one here because I was afraid she would ask me!ha

Boring Post

You'd think I would have something interesting to post every once in a while huh??? I guess I've had a boring life lately. We had a bridal shower for Elizabeth Markman tonight.(My nephew Bradley's fiance') Since I'm on the shower committee I kept busy today. We kept it pretty simple so I didn't have alot of cooking to do. It turned out very nice. I wasn't very thrilled to come home to a messed up house! CAN WE SAY SILLY STRING??? Jaida wanted me to take her to Dollar Tree and I didn't have time so Jeff was nice and took her and Jalen. THEY BOUGHT SILLY STRING! After Jeff realized what it was doing he made them go out on the porch---(not much better). So I had dirty dishes from the shower plus their eating mess, dirty floors, polly pockets out, shower stuff to put away etc, etc....I was just thinking how amazing it is that you can have a very nice clean picked up house and leave for 3 hrs and voila----it's a pit! Oh well it is pretty much picked up and it's almost cleaning day anyway so what isn't done can wait until Thurs.
Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful fall weather!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Go Sarah!

One more thing--------WE ARE GOING TO HEAR SARAH PALIN SPEAK THIS AFTERNOON!!!!! About 50 people from our church are going and we are soooo excited!

Fridge update

Just thought I would update everyone on the refridgerator problem. My old one quit again on Sunday. So, we had to get a new one. Whirlpool did say they would give us 15% back on a new one---woooptidoo! It was 5 yrs. old and they said it should have lasted 10 yrs. and we had put $610 worth of repairs into it over those 5 yrs. But, since I had wished I had gotten the satina(stainless look)and my dishwasher is 10 yrs. old, I went ahead and got it. It is the french door, water and ice on the door with the freezer drawer. I LOVE IT! I now have mismatching appliances but I will get a stainless stove in the future.

Getting old

OK so I must really be aging alot! Lately Jaida has been trying to keep my spirits up(I guess that's her goal) by telling me frequently ---mom that sweatshirt makes you look young. Then she fixes my hair in pony tails and says--mom that makes you look young????????? I also remember thinking that my mom was old when she was my age---my how perspective changes!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Roller coasters

conversation overheard:
Jaida: Jalen don't ever ride a big roller coaster without eating first. Cause you know how it feels when your heart comes out of your body and doesn't come back for a long time???

I thought that was a very good explanation on how it feels to ride a rollercoaster and that is why I quit riding them!


Ok, it's time to get busy. We are having fellowship here Sunday night. I got the upstairs cleaned yesterday--yea! Isn't it amazing how your house instantly looks soo much dirtier when company is coming? So, now I need to clean the downstairs, grocery shop, and fix some food. The menu is:
Potato Soup
Another kind of soup not sure yet.
Vegetable tray with dip
and whatever I think we need to add to that
Any ideas?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Crushed by the refridgerator door!

If you don't hear from me for a while you will know that I was crushed by my refridgerator door!ha Let me explain---
About 5 yrs. ago after having the most generic of generic refridgerators from Sam's club--didn't even have an ice maker--we got new appliances from H.H.Gregg. Jeff was actually doing their website at the time so we got the employee discount. The fridge was awesome---had front door dispenser etc. About a yr. later AFTER the warranty had expired the water line to the icemaker froze up. The repairman said that was typical with that model, they had had a few problems. So, we got that fixed. Then, the ice maker went out. Then the water dispenser broke. Then the fridge quit cooling. The other day when he was repairing the water dispenser he took off the door and said it is defective. The pin is so bad that the door could just fall of at anytime and hurt someone! He looked up all the repairs we have done----$610.00 worth! WOW! I will be making a call to whirlpool soon!
He did say that they never have problems with that brand-----we just happened to be the lucky people that got stuck with that one bad one.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Just thought I'd share what I did last week. Since my Aunt Betty reads my Blah(as she calls it)hehe Betty and Litz were in Florida for 3 weeks. I'm tired of seeing her WHITE bathroom--(been like that for too long) so while they were away I stole the key from my mom's house(they were in Florida too)and painted her bathroom and got a new shower curtain, towels, candles, and two candle things to hang on the wall. It was alot of fun and she was very surprised. She is always asking me to help her with her decorating etc. so I knew she would like what I did(at least I hoped)! She even gave me permission to do another room when she goes back to Florida!ha
Janae wanted to know if I had run out of things to paint at our house! It had been over a week, I was having withdrawals. I need to get over and take a picture of it to post.
Hope everyone had a great Sunday!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bad News

We found out yesterday that Jordan has to have surgery again. Quite a bummer. His ear just hasn't totally healed from his surgery last June. Every time we go in the Dr. suctions out tons of junk(sorry if you are squemish)it sounds like when you are at the dentist at get your mouth sunctioned out. The CT scan showed his ear full of fluid and possibly a recurrence of the cholesteatoma(growth). Sugery is scheduled for Nov. 11th. Hopefully that will take care of it so we can get him a hearing aid if his hearing doesn't improve. He only has 50% hearing in that ear and his other ear is down 20%. Needless to say he can't hear very well. The Dr. explained that if you don't hear the same in both ears you don't have stereo and it is really hard on you to be in noisy restraunts etc. It hurts your ears and you can hear things across the room but not hear the person next to you.
Hope everyone has a great day-------I am just loving this fall weather! Only problem is it makes me want to get out and go shopping---I'm trying to refrain though~


Heard something hilarious on the news yesterday. Apparently with gas shortages some big cities don't have gas at some of the stations. They were asking people to please quit calling 911(yes you read that right)to find out which gas stations had gas! Helloooooo-----quite brilliant huh???