Saturday, July 4, 2009

Drive By Shopping

Just had to say I'm cracking up! I have had a Yard Sale the last 2 days. I guess on the second day it just doesn't look as good cause I have had about 5 people slow down pull over and then drive off! Not looking too good today!

Lumber Adventure

I know---haven't blogged forever. Seems like the days are just flying by and I have been keeping very busy.
Thought last nights events deserved to be blogged about. Jeff and I went to Lowe's to get some lumber to build Jaida a playhouse. As I was helping him load it on the cart(we had 3 of those big cart things) I was asking if this was going to fit on the truck--he said yes no problem. When we left with like 50 2x4's and wood siding and about 15 sheets of OSB the people in the truck behind us were actually pointing and laughing!ha Jeff decided we better go through the country instead of the interstate. So as we were coming up the big hill we noticed that things were sliding off a bit. He stopped and tried to push it back on but couldn't. He was looking for something to back into when I noticed it was really falling off. It was dragging the ground by that time. So we had to dump the WHOLE load on the ground in the middle of the road. We lost another 6 boards as we were coming into Frankfort. It only took us about 2 hrs. to get home from Lafayette! Too bad we didn't have a camera crew behind us--we could have made some money on Funniest Home Videos. I guess those short bed trucks just aren't made to haul lumber!
I'll keep everyone posted on the playhouse progress. Jaida says this is going to be the best month of her life!ha New playhouse and going on a weekend vacation next week!
Hope everyone is still alive and well and hopefully I will be taking some pictures in the near future!
Happy 4th!