Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pray for the Cat

I just about killed my cat! I stood up from the table stepped directly on the cat, she yelled, I yelled and then I about fell down trying to not step on her again. No one was here to even enjoy all the drama! Skittles took off upstairs--probably scarred for life.


I need to come up with a menu for Sun. night fellowship. Anyone have any great ideas? I don't want sloppy Joes. I thought about having chicken enchiladas, corn casserole, homemade salsa, and dessert. What do ya think? Maybe someone that's coming over will read this and give me some ideas. Anybody have a great new dessert recipe???

Monday, October 29, 2007


I totally failed to wish my sisters a Happy Birthday on my blog. I'm sure they are totally crushed!! They were twins born 7 yrs. apart!:) Jenny turned 40 and Jody turned 33 on Oct. 27th. Jody was Jenny's 7th birthday present. It worked out good for me because Grandma felt sorry for me and always brought me a little present on their birthday. Hope you two had a great birthday. Jody don't feel bad---we will throw you a big party in 7 years!
Just sitting here enjoying the blessed quietness. Thinking about what will be going on this week. It promises to be busy once again. I don't feel like I ever really have anything exciting to blog about just everyday boring stuff. Jalen has a game tonight, Wed. we have small group meeting again, Thurs. I will go on a feild trip to the Children's Museum with Jaida, Fri. a Dr. appt for Jaida, Sat. another game for Jalen, and Sun. we will have fellowship night again and I'm on for company. So, between appts. games, church, cleaning, and cooking I think I won't be bored this week. I am so thrilled that I got some extra stuff done last week so it shouldn't be too hard to get ready for company. How many of you out there have cleaned up your yard, pulled out summer flowers, trimmed bushes, and mowed your lawns for fall???? I haven't and it needs it bad. I guess I'll add that to my list too---although I've had it on there for 3 or 4 weeks now!:)
Have a good week!

New Pics

I think a certain 6yr. old has been taking pictures again! I'm so glad for digital cameras!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I told Jaida I would take her to get food after her piano lesson---she wanted "cotton candy shrimp" from Dairy Queen! I might like shrimp if it tasted like cotton candy.

Carving Pumkins

For some reason Jaida was making a weird face.


Drum roll....

My two new purchases----I've wanted a big clock forever and just never wanted to spend the money.(not that I really wanted to now--I just did) So, I finally did. You really can't tell but the clock and mirror are very big. I really like them! By the way I wasn't trying to keep everyone in suspense I couldn't get my pictures to load onto the computer last night!grr!
This picture is very blurry!


My redone table makes the whole kitchen look better! No, I didn't reconstruct the chairs. I bought those at a thrift store for $12.25 for all four. I put a thin coat of brown paint on them.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Very Weird!

Last I checked there was a picture of my couch. Tonight I signed in and it wasn't there---so---I clicked on edit posts a lo and behold it was there so scroll down a bit and there it is. But...I did do a little shopping today!!!! I told Jeff I was glad I had a new sofa to sleep on tonight! HA! I'll post pictures of my two very large purchases tomorrow if I can squeeze it in. I have to work and won't be home until probably 4:00 and then we have small group here. Since the kids get out of school at 12:30 and Jeff will be working here, that is plenty of time to mess up the house!!!!!!!
So, I'll probably be scrambling!

Since I had the room painted so quickly(never mind all the work of putting everything back) I thought it my duty to start another project that I have been wanting to do. I have had my kitchen table for probably 12 yrs. It had hunter green chairs and table legs if that tells you anything about the age of it. A few years ago I painted it white but it has chipped up a little. It also had alot of paint on it from Jaida doing her painting. So I removed the varnish, sanded it, and stained it yesterday. Today I need to put polyurethane on it. Oh did I mention we also carved pumpkins yesterday??? My back is aching today! I post after pictures of the table when I finish.

other side of the room

This chair went with my other couch. Since the room isn't red anymore so it can fade into the wall--we have a problem--it looks horrible! So, that will be my next purchase.(thankfully the dirt doesn't show up in this picture)

Can't really see the color of the room. It is called interface tan but it has a pinkish cast to it. Don't really know about the red curtains. I already had those but think maybe i need brown? What do you think??


I have some shopping to do(rats)since the room isn't red anymore I need some more stuff to make it look cozy! I neve did find pillows for it. These are the ones that were on my old couch!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Nothing like news that company is coming to get me in gear! We are starting small groups at our church and I was asked to host on Wed. Sooo, since I've had a red sofa in my entry way for several days I think I better paint a room tomorrow! I picked out a tan color so if I do what I normally do, it will make a good base coat!ha~ Jeff always asks what my second color is going to be--I'm never quite satisfied unless I've painted the entire room and trimmed it out 2 or 3 times with 2 colors. I want to get all the painting done tomorrow so I can clean up a bit before everyone shows up on Wed. night.
In other news Jalen has played two games of flag football with the YMCA and won both times. Of course he might not always win but he is having fun and he needed something to do.
In other other news Jordan had a recheck again on his ear and although he still doesn't have full hearing back it did not have fluid on it this time and the ear drum graft(I think that's what he called it)is healing. So, that is alot to be thankful for. He probably will never have all his hearing back but it could have been worse after surgery and its not!
Can not believe we are in the 9th week of school! Whew! How time does fly!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Busy Week

Wow! What a week. Jody already kind of filled everyone in on our week. It was very busy. We had the surprise for Betty on Mon. night. Jeff took Jalen to football practice tues. night and I went shopping for decorations for Jenny's party. I worked Wed. and we had church Wed. night. I worked at school Thurs. all day and Fri. morning and then started decorating for Jenny's 40th surprise party at 5:00 P.M. I will post pics etc. and fill you all in on that when I get the pictures. Can't believe my sister is 40!!!!!!! She was very surprised and we had a great time. We had someone take pictures for us so I need to get them downloaded to my computer.
Hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather! I sure am!

Friday, October 12, 2007

It has arrived

I was talking to a friend today and told her that my couch finally came this morning and she said yeah, I've been following that on your blog. I about cracked up--you'd think my life has been revolving around that red sofa. It really hasn't I just haven't had any inspiration for blogging!
The sofa is sitting in the entry way waiting for me to decide what color to paint the room! It is a really pretty deep red but this picture makes it look bright red.


Jordan just gave me a brilliant idea the other day that I wanted to share with all you out there that have kids. I guess I hadn't really thought about how nervous I would feel about my kids driving until a couple of years ago. When they become teenagers you suddenly start worrying about alot of different things. Jordan and Janae will be 15 in Feb. so they are already talking about drivers ed., buying cars etc. I think Jalen made a comment about Jordan driving them to school and Jordan said ---Yeah, when we do start driving mom will probably make us wear helmets and Jalen added---and knee pads and elbow pads. And suddenly I thought what a great idea that was!:) So if you see a couple of kids driving down the road in a few months with helmets on it's probably the Waggoner kids!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

News Flash

News Flash! The new red sofa should be arriving tomorrow between the hrs. of 11 A.M. and 1 P.M. I'm not holding my breath until it arrives because the keep forgetting to put me on the schedule. I'm excited to see it but the room isn't ready so it isn't nearly as exciting as it could be. It will be sitting in my entryway for awhile I'm sure.


A conversation I had with the kids on the way to school today jogged my memory a bit about my childhood---I remember when everytime my Dad(hi dad if you are reading this:)would lose something the first thing he would say was "girls where did you put so and so" and it might be my hammer, my saw etc. I never could understand that as a child because normally I hadn't taken it. Now as a parent I fully understand. It can be the stupidist thing you are missing and automatically you just know--it had to be the kids. Probably 90% of the time they actually know where the thing is you are looking for. Now back to the conversation in the van this morning. Janae says--yeah, remember that big snow we had and dad said he was going to go out and get the snow blower and clear the driveway? He comes back in and says kids I can't find the snow blower--where is it!! I'm just wandering if he really thought they had been playing with the snowblower??? I haven't asked him about this but it sure has given me something to chuckle about today!(By the way the snowblower had been stolen along with about everything else that was any good at all that we had stored in our shed--(that's a subject for a whole other post)--of course they left the junk!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bad Day!

Oh yeah, I guess I should add that on our way home ---in Jeff's NEW Honda---I didn't see one of those huge pieces of tire off of a semi and you guessed it---I hit it! Jeff had to come and pull the plastic piece that fits up in the wheel well off the tire so we could get home. It tore the front bumper off the right side, scratched the door and knocked the back bumper off the right side. Of course I felt just wonderful!!!!!!!!!! But later I was thinking and it was probably best that I didn't see the thing cause traffic was coming and I would have probably swerved and we could have really been hurt. So, oh well guess we will go get the car fixed! BUMMER!

Happy Birthday Betty!

Happy 70th Birthday to Aunt Betty! Can't believe she is 70. She really doesn't act her age. We got together at Jim Dandy in Noblesville and surprised her last night. We had a nice time and the kids had fun. Too much fun I think because they all seemed pretty wild. Hope you have a Happy Birthday while you are in Florida!

Monday, October 8, 2007


Ok folks I finally ordered my sofa. I went against my better judgement and got the red. Now the fun begins(not). Right now I have a red family room with bamboo shades and red curtains soooo, don't think that is going to look too good. Now I need to paint and I don't know what color I want. Thought maybe I'd get some suggestions. I don't know when I'll get the sofa but it is in Casleton so it will be in the next few days. It was supposed to be in Lafayette on Fri. Jeff and I went to pick it up on Fri. evening because the delivery fee was $75. I can do the $35 fees etc. but $75 was a little much I thought. Anyway, the salesman forgot to have it delivered to the Laf. store so we didn't get it. Kind of funny cause they kept appoligizing and I really didn't care cause I didn't have any place for it anyway. Company was here and I didn't have the room ready. Cool thing is they are delivering it at no charge!! Yippeee. Now I don't have to worry abut it flipping out of our truck! When it comes I'll take a picture of it and see if anyone has any great ideas for what to put with it!

Brain Freeze

Thought I'd share my latest brain freeze! I am now calling our cat whose name is Skittles----Kittles since buying my new sofa at Kittles. I'm thinking it's pretty bad when you can't even get the animals names right--not to mention I NEVER say the right name to my kids! Am I really getting old or just dumber :)???!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

No More Work!

To all of you out there that felt sorry for me(ha)all the work--well most of it--got done. We had a nice time this evening. Food was good fellowship was fun and everyone had a good time. The best part of it is I'm beginning the week with a cleaner house than normal!! Yea!! Sundays are sooo hard around here keeping everything straightened up. When company is coming it is a must so tomorrow will be sooooo much easier! So now I can start feeling sorry for everyone that didn't have company this weekend!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Work, Work, and more Work

Well, friends and loved ones I must say that I have a full schedule from here on out this week. We are also having fellowship here on Sunday night with 16 people invited plus us. So, that's a grand total of 22. Therefore I need to kick into high gear tomorrow. My couch will be in tomorrow and we will probably pick it up but the room isn't painted. I'm trying to not let myself think that I have time to paint a room, clean the humongous house, get groceries, and cook(not even mentioning all those "little" projects I somehow think I need to tackle before company comes) before Sunday. Oh, and go to UBC days on Sat. So, everyone that's kicked back for the weekend with alllll of your work done(forgot to mention laundry too)think about me---no I'm not whining at all----just think about poor little ole me!!!!hehe

Love Notes

Jalen came home from school today and said---well, Mom it finally happened. I said what Jalen and he said I had a love note on my desk today---hahahaha! I asked what it said and he said it said JW + AP and it had stars and hearts on it. I don't know if this is something he has been anticipating or not but he was sooo serious! It was hilarious.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Just thought the conversation I had with my two girls about the color of the sofa was interesting and very predictable. When I asked Jaida(who seems interested in decorating and is probably a little like me her taste)said without hesitation--buy the red one. Janae(a little more practical)said--Mom get the brown you know how much you like to change paint color etc. then she went on to say--I can't believe I'm even talking about this to you---appearently it's a little too girly to even have the conversation! Aren't kids a riot!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Red Sofa Vs. Brown Sofa

Ok I'm in the same dilemma as Sara. Jeff told me to go get a new sofa--don't ya hate it when that happens! ha~ Actually I think he is just as embarrassed at ours as I am. It is for my family room. I narrowed it down to a leather one but for the life of me can't decide if I should to the responsible thing and get brown or the more exciting thing and go for the red!!! I'm having a very indecisive week anyway so I should have known better than to try and make such an important decision(don't laugh all you guys who read this). Problem is I needed to order it yesterday to get the 10% off deal. I called the salesman to say ok get the red one and before we finished the conversation I had waffled again. So, he said don't worry you can tell me the color by Thurs. Great---now I have 2 more days to worry about it. I think I'll go back in and look at the red again. The other bad thing is the red is in stock and I could get it Fri., the brown would take 3 months. So all you readers out there I don't have a picture of it but it is very sleek with like no cushions just a bench like seat and back very mayby retro looking. Just head on over to your local Kittles and take a look at it and give me some advice. ha!


Yes Jody, I have done a few things since the Concert. It has just taken me a few days to update. We did go to the Ken Davis concert Sat. My face still feels weird from laughing soooo much. It was a blast. I would recommmend it to anyone!

Fish Tale

Jaida is used to the fine cuisine of Aldi's breaded fish that costs a whopping $1.99 per box! She was at my Aunt and Uncles for lunch last week and they had Talapia(real stuff ha)grilled for them. I asked her when she got home if she liked the fish and she said---that fish that they catch in the sea and put in boxes----I don't like it---it taste like the sea. Haven't I done a great job at introducing seafood to my children????? I guess there is a reason for that condsidering I don't like seafood myself(because it tastes like the sea!)