Sunday, July 29, 2007

"new child"

Jaida just told me that we only need one more child to fill all the seats in our van!(yep that's my goal to fill the van HA!)I asked her if she wanted me to have another "child" and she said I would need to start eating ALOT to be able to have one! ha!

By the way...

By the way just wanted to whine to someone---the following blog I just typed was done and ready to post and when I pressed "publish post" it said there was an error and I totally lost the whole thing and had to start allllll ovvvvverrrrr!! So you better appreciate the fact that I retyped everything!!! Even though it is boring!

Ramblings of a tired Mom!

Whew! Where has the time gone? I feel like I haven't taken a breath for a couple of weeks. It is sunday morning and my two little ones are sick so I thought I'd take the oppurtunity to blog about absolutely nothing important as you will see. Mike came and worked on Jordan's room on Thurs. and Fri. so I couldn't really clean my house till he was finished because it gets so tracked up and very dirty. So, on Fri. I dragged my weary body down to the skanky basement to clean up the storage room. Lately when I think of my house my brain feels jumbled up!Ha! What that really translates into is there is junk seeping out of every possible nook and cranny! I literally physically can't take the feeling. Sooo, I dug in and worked for like 7 hrs. Funny thing was I thought it was the perfect day to clean cause trash comes on Fri. and I thought it was Thurs. I'm like piling junk up outside my back door and Jenny comes over(she lives across the street)and says hey trash already came on your side but it hasn't on mine I'll help you drag it across the street. The first bag I dragged down had paint cans in it and bright green paint leaked out in a trail all the way down the drive and across the street! Of course we didn't notice it till it was too late. So, cars are driving through green paint tracking it down the road! It's not like you couldn't tell where it came from cause it led to my back door! It was hilarious! I'm thinking with my luck I'll get fined or something. After all my hard work we went to Pepe's for dinner! It was delicious as usual. Came home and attempted to clean up a little bit. It was a mess around here! Dirt, dust, toys, and junk littered with 5 loads of laundry that needed folded. I always think surely noone elses house gets that bad after one measly day! Finally crashed for the day at 12 AM.
Got up Sat. and went over to help with the school yard sale. They had like 5 people helping so I left and went to get groceries(my most dreaded chore!!) Came home put groceries away.
I decided to try on clothes I had bought on Thurs. I bought quite a few things knowing I would return most of them---and I did! How is it that I like something in the store and don't like it at home? Funny thing is I was determined to have something to wear this Sun. and I'm not even at church--chould have saved myself some grief. After putting together some outfits I decided I needeed new brown dress shoes. Janae and I took off for Lafayette. Believe it or not the first pair of shoes I saw at Shoe Carnival I liked and bought for $8 woohoo! Janae got a pair of Tennis shoes so I got mine half price.
We rushed home and went to help pack up the school yard sale in the great humidity!!!
I went back to Marsh for salad ingredients. Came home, made 2 desserts and a salad, cleaned the kitchen, and surrounding areas(ha)then got us ready for the hotdog festibal(as Jaida and Jalen call it) downtown. We got home at 9 P.M. I folded and put laundry away, got out Sunday clothes, cleaned up more, then crashed!
Jalen went to bed with a 101.7 fever. At 11 P.M. Jaida came upstairs and said her legs, head, and whole body hurt. She only had 99.7 but then had croop at 5 A.M. so that's why we are home. They seem better this morning so I hope it is a short virus.
Jalen wanted to go to the festival even though he really didn't feel like it cause it only comes once a year. about half way through he was crying cause he felt so bad so Jeff took him home. Jaida hurt her pinkie toe on the first bouncy thing they did. She cried and whined and limped the rest of the time. I really thought it was probably ok. Boy do I feel bad this morning---it has a huge bruise on her whole toe and down the side of her foot. It looks like it is broken!! No wonder the poor kid cried.(she tends to over react at times--but this time was for real!)
Well, is that enough rambling for one setting??? You guys probably hope I'm never stuck at home again on Sunday morning huh???!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Dishes

I got new dishes at Target a while back. I finally got my old dishes cleared out of my china cabinet and the new ones in. I don't have everything I want yet. I got the plain colors--blue, teracotta, and brown but I wanted some with a pattern on them to liven it up. I went to Pier One today and found cute bowls with a circle pattern. I love them! I won't need very many--good thing!! They are a little more costly than the cheapo Target~

Monday, July 16, 2007


Dale Bailey has been a friend of our family since I was a little girl. He teased us and picked on us when we were kids! I remember when I was probably 5 yrs. old and got sick on the church bus during caroling. We were a few blocks from home and my stomach was rolling from the fumes. Dale got off the bus and carried me home. He was always helping our family out any time he could even when I'm sure he didn't have time. When we moved into the house next door to the parsonage I remember Dale working all day to get us moved. We used to get to go plow snow with him and Dad and that was such big stuff to us. Since he and Dad have owned apartments together anytime they come on to possible "good junk" Dale would always call me and tell me to come and see if I wanted anything before he threw it away. Just a couple months ago he and Susan drove in the driveway with a truck load and had me look through it. I guess I saved them money cause they didn't have to pay to dump the stuff!Ha! He was always so faithful to go calling with Dad and drove the bus for years. Sunday when I pulled into the church parking lot and saw the buses I think I was just expecting Dale to be in the drivers seat. He will be greatly missed by our family! I know he is in a much better place but we are still sad and look forward to meeting him in heaven!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Found a new recipe for pasta. Travis you will love this. It was one easy step. I slaved over it for at least 5 min. The recipe is a family sectret!hehe

"The Recipe"

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


What a mess! Hope no one decides to pop in! I finally got everything brought up from the basement(actually Jordan and Janae did most of the carrying for me). Plan on having a sale Saturday morning. I might start putting stuff out on Fri. but the ad is for Sat. Don't have anything really big so I don't plan on making alot of money. I'm just so glad to empty out the basement once again. Then I can straighten up that pig sty! I got most of the stuff priced yesterday so I am in pretty good shape. Just having to look at the mess is the worst part. To those of you who live close by I have a set of Epoch dishes with a fruit pattern, 12 peice place setting. They are really nice I'm just tired of them. I should have just ran my own e-bay on my blog huh? Seems like Carrie did that one time. Maybe I should ask her for some pointers! Toodleloo!

Junk, and...

More Junk!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Movie Star

I told Rachel I needed a new picture for my blog. She was so excited to pose for me! She loves this kind of attention!

Do not swat flies with newspapers on old windows!

Janae killed a fly---And broke a window! Of course it was an accident and she felt bad! We don't plan on kicking her out or anything!

Green flies vs. black flies

Just learned something new from Jaida---
Green flies are pretty but black flies bleed!
Thought that was an interesting tidbit to pass along!

Jalen's new do

Jalen has been experimenting with his hair. I can't keep up with it and it keeps getting too long. He looks just like Jeff in the 80's! Oh what lovely hair do's we all had!


I did catch Janae doing a puzzle.

Talk to the hand

Janae doesn't like her picture taken--she said talk to the hand!

Jordan working hard!

Jordan is very excited that he will have his own room. Jeff taught him how to do the wiring. He has been working very hard on it.

Jordan's future room

Monday, July 9, 2007


I've been leaving a list of chores for the kids to do when I work on Wed.--otherwise I come home to absolute chaos. Jaida has acted like she enjoys getting a note with a list---so I thought. Jeff said she gets up and does hers right away and then starts getting on the others to do theirs. Last week she asked me if I was going anywhere by myself the next day--I wasn't--so that was all that was said. Then last week once again one evening she said--Mom are you going anywhere by yourself tomorrow--I thought she was afraid she was going to miss out on going to the store or something. I said no Jaida why--she very sheepishly replied "because I don't want to have to do chores". Wow- kids figure things out really quick don't they?
We used to clean for a lady who told us that her little boy said he didn't like us. She couldn't figure out why until he told her it was because when we came to clean he had to pick up his toys! Ha!

Nothing Much!

Sitting here wishing I had something really exciting to say. I don't. It has been a busy week and I'm tired and weary. To those of you that acted interested in my garage sale(I'm sure it was to make me feel good about my junk!ha)I plan to have one this weekend. Probably Fri. and Sat. Not sure yet. So, with that being said I have ALOT of work to do. With our little construction job going on upstairs I feel like the entire house is in shambles! Stuff from laundry room is crammed in Jaida's room, ironing board is on the landing, laundry baskets are everywhere,and dust has overtaken us---do you get the picture? So now I'm having a sale and creating a whole new mess!!! Hopefully it will be worth it.
Jordan had a follow up appt. today for his ears. He is doing very good. The one ear that just had the tube put in is almost back to normal and he can tell a big difference in his hearing. The other ear that had the major surgery is ok but not all the way healed yet. We go back in 5 weeks so hopefully he will be hearing good by then. I can't wait!!
By the way is everyone's summer flying by really fast??

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Question of the Day

Questions Jalen and Jaida asked this evening:
Jaida: "Are all lady bugs ladies?"
Jalen " Are all crawl dads men?"
I thought they were pretty logical questions.


I'm soooo excited today. We hired someone to work on our laundry room that has been in limbo for several months. My Washer quit working like 6 months ago. So--one thing led to another(my husband is a Waggoner)and instead of fixing a washer that was prob. 10 yrs. old we purchased the new front loading washer and dryer.(love,love,love it!!!) Well, that led to totally gutting the laundry room! Kind of weird I know but we had put in a new roof over our family room and office which in turn created a new room upstairs that was behind my old laundry room.(did any of that make any sense at all?) Anyway we made a hallway, opened up the new space and are making Jordan a bedroom. Said all that to say I should have a CLEAN space to do laundry soon. Mike Peck got the drywall up and will move on to putting new lights in the bathroom and then start on Jordan's room. I know it probably doesn't sound that exciting to anyone else unless you know what it is like to live in unfinished space!!! Hope everyone has blast of a 4th :)

Monday, July 2, 2007

Roaming Cantelope

Jalen was singing "Home on the Range" today. This is his version:
"Home, Home on the the range, where the deer and the cantelope roam...
I didn't correct him I thought it was too cute.