Friday, June 29, 2007

And you think you had a bad day!

Jeff came into the kitchen the other day and said--I have a headache--is there anything wrong with the back of my head? Yes, I looked at him really weird. He went on to tell me this story that he read on the internet. A man had a BAD headache so his wife being so kind drove him the the ER. The nurse took a look and said sir you've been shot in the back of the head!!!! Come to find out his wife had shot him in the head while he was asleep. She cleaned up the blood and then much to her surprise he woke up. When the hospital realized that she had shot him she ran out of the hospital in a hurry. I think I can honestly say I've heard it all and that headache I had the other day wasn't so bad after all!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our new addition--"Hershey"

As of today I'm a really cool mom---I let the kids get a kitten. Tomorrow I'll go back to being the same ole boring mom as always! Ha!

Housecleaning and Hershey

I planned on getting alot done today! What a joke. I was making myself get moving on housecleaning and remembered that three girls from our church were coming in the morning to do their hired work. We did the HAT(hire a teen)a while back and I haven't had them come yet. They work for 4 hrs. each and we donate to their missions trip. So---I thought if 3 girls are coming in the morning why in the world would I clean my house today. Instead I started cleaning out stuff--cabinets, china cabinet,etc. I plan on a garage sale(yes Kathy I'll let you know when if you really sant to know)soon and have been slowly cleaning out. How on earth can I have a garage sale every year??? Don't know where the stuff comes from?
In other news--We found a stray kitten last night and you know the rest of the story! I guess it will join our family. Not that we really need it! We already have a cat but the kids were thrilled. Their other cat is Skittles, so since this one is all black(had white whiskers and back paws have white tips) Janae named it Hershey. They have had alot of fun with it today.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Boresville, Indiana

The title says it all! Not much to report on today. My whole day pretty much consisted of dropping kids of here and there and everywhere. It started out with the mowing jobs that Jordan and Janae have this summer. It is very nice for them to make a little cash(me too--since they can buy some of their own things)but it is kind of like another job for me too. I helped them mow 4 yards then dropped Janae off at the library for a craft class. Took Jalen and Jaida to the park, picked Janae back up(she had 3 classes today!), fixed supper, took Janae back to the Library, picked her back up, mowed another yard, came home and feel like crashing. Forgot to mention that I rode my bike for 9 miles(yes I meant nine miles and I have the sore seat to prove it Ha!) Oh, I did do laundry, picked up the house, swept, etc. What a nice exciting day huh? We are having a nice summer though and I feel like it is going to end too soon.
Hope everyone out there in blogsville is having fun and enjoying their summer!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

"Bible Verses"

Jaid has been making up her own Bible verses:
"God made us how He made us and we can not change it"
"Always brush your hair"
"Always brush your teeth"
I think they were found in "Matthews" she said.
Now if she will just abide by her own verses!

The Treehouse

Jeff started building the kids a treehouse a couple of years ago. Jalen keeps having "new" plans for it and keeps on Jeff to finish it. So, today was supposed to be the day. It has only rained here like 2 times all month but of course it has rained off and on all day!(we really do need it!) I don't really think they mind much because it is sooo cool out. Hopefully the treehouse will be done soon! If it isn't it's not a lack of Jalen asking! Ha! I will say I am glad Jalen wanted it built in because Jeff (being the male of the family and not worrying about someone getting hurt) built it soooo high that it is a little scarry!

Jalen and Kyler peeking out of the treehouse.

Jeff and Jordan cutting the boards

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hi HO HI HO its off to work I go

Don't have anything interesting to post this beautiful evening. Other than the fact that Jody and I have to clean tomorrow and I DO NOT FEEL LIKE WORKING!!!! Yesterday Jenny and Jody came over and we sat-- I mean just SAT on the porch for like 2 hrs! WOW! How nice. Today I dragged myself down to the skanky(don't know if that's a word but it is very fitting)basement and started cleaning. I want to have a yard sale so I went down to start bringing things up from the storage room. Well, everything is such a mess that i could hardly get to the storage room----so--one thing led to another and with a little help from 3 unwilling kids(the forth one is at camp) we got a little bit done. What is the mystery to basements and garages filling up with junk?? Does someone sneak in the house when everyone is sleeping, dump junk, mess stuff up, and sprinkle dirt everywhere?? HA! For that matter I think they do it to my entire house! Anyway, that is the fun I've been having around here. Need to go round up youngsters for bed! Have a great night!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Fighting siblings

Jeff gave me this info for my post. He had picked up the kids from Grandma Iris's house. They went to take Janae to mow a yard. Jalen and Jaida were fighting and arguing and wouldn't let up. Jeff turned around and said "do you think you could stop fighting for 5 min." to which Jaida replied "could you tell us when 5 min. are up?" Doesn't that sound like kids?!:)

Happy Belated Father's Day

I didn't forget the men in my life--they got presents and cards---but I should have said something on my blog. Thanks Dad for being a great father to me(since I know you read my blog). You spent alot of time with us and we remember that!
Thanks Jeff for being a great dad to our kids! They love you and think you can do anything! Hope you both had a great father's day!!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Just a thought

Isn't it funny how a teenager will wear the same sweatshirt for 3 days straight unless you tell them not too(then they will argue that it isn't really dirty) but when they clean their room every piece of clothing that isn't in the closet or drawer is suddenly "DIRTY" and goes straight into the laundry! Just was wandering about that logic!HA:)

Anniversary # 17( can it really be??)

Can't believe it has been 17 years since we said "I do". Funny how it seems like yesterday at times and then at other times :) seems like we were born married! ha!I know these pictures are bad quality--I took pictures of pictures. So there is a glare on them. Just wanted you to get an idea of what my wedding looked like. Of course 17 yrs. ago I thought it was the most beautiful thing!!! We looked like two little babies!(I think we actually were)
You know youv'e been married a long time when you spend your anniversary at the hospital while your teenage kid is having surgery!! We will definitely celebrate at a later time!

Me and the Bridesmaides

Get a load of the BIG seafoam green tafeta dresses!! I can hear all of the oooing and ahhing! Aren't they just lovely! I will say I spent ALOT of time making like 4 of them! Whew!

Jordan home and doing good!

Poor Jordan--has nooooo idea I just posted a picture of him. He had been very out of it since surgery. I kind of am too since we had to get up at 5:00 A.M.! THe surgery went very well. The cholesteatoma was wrapped around all the small bones of hearing and even up in the arch of the stirrup bone(according to the Dr.--I don't know much at all about ears). He was able to take it out piece by piece and leave all the bones intact. There was a possibility that it would have to be done in two separate surgeries but he got it all!! He put tubes in both ears. The left ear drum was retracted into the middle ear and he said as soon as he placed the tube the eardrum started coming back into place. His hearing should be alot better! He said that when we wear earplugs we have 30% hearing loss. Jordan had 20% loss in one ear and up to 60%loss in the other ear. So, he wasn't hearing well at all. Short story long--He will now hear his mother when she tells him to clean his room---NO EXCUSES! Ha!(I think I will see about ear surgery for the rest of the family-HA!) We are very thankful for how it turned out and thanks to everyone who left comments and said they were praying!!!! We appreciate it very much and I'm certain that's why it turned out so good! And please don't anyone tell Jordan that I posted his picture--he would kill me!
P.S.Isn't it a little cruel to do surgery on a kids ear and then make them get up and go home 1 hr. later!!! The nurse came in like 30 min. after surgery and said well Jordan you can go home anytime now--as Jordan is like passed out! She said don't you want to go home to your own bed---I'm thinking no I really doubt he cares about his how bed right now! ha! He just wants to sleeeeeeeeppppppp!
P.S.S. Forgot to say-- so I can brag on Jordan--the Dr. went on and on about how good of a kid he was and how polite he was etc. I thought it was a little funny since he was under anesthetic most of the time but maybe the Dr. sees really rude 14yr olds?! And Jordan is a very good kid and I'm proud of him(in case he reads this blog I need redemption for posting the picture:)!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I had a pile of stuff that I needed to return today that didn't fit kids etc. So, Jaida and I went to Lafayette and did returns. When I got home Jeff is just smiling from ear to ear and says so---how much money did you bring back??? cough cough--uh I don't really know. He just thinks it is hilarious because he has it "figured out" when I say I'm doing returns it really means a shopping day!!!! Wow how brilliant of him---and how many years did it take him to figure that one out??? Almost 17! hahahaha! He thinks he is soooo smart but he's really a little slow catching on to my tricks! And by the way he keeps asking me how to get to my blog and I just smile!!! So, he thinks I've been blogging about him all along. In case you finally find my blog dear Jeff---I really do love you---ha!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Pocket Change

Just thought this was a little funny. Jordan had his appointment to read his ct scan etc. The nurse told me at the time we could submit everything to the insurance company and then work out a payment plan. I was thrilled because we have a HUGE deductable ($5200--because of being self-employed). Well...she called back on Fri. and said um--the lady who does the precertification with the insurance company wanted me to call and tell you that we need $1000.00 prepay since you have a high deductible. And oh by the way we need that today! YEA!!!! Oh sure that's pocket change for me!!!! I knew it couldn't be that easy!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

cute comments by Jaida and Jalen

I asked Jalen and Jordan to help with the housework before we left for our trip. Jalen was headed into to family room with the swiffer over his shoulder like it was a rifle. I said "you're going to be my chore boy" Jalen said "I'd rather be your soldier boy and die and go to heaven"! Guess boys don't like house work huh?

In the motel Jaida talking about kids being able to remember things---"kids have more room for memory"--maybe she has heard her dad talk about gigabytes or something too much.

Jaida has been staring at herself in the mirror every chance she gets since she has poison ivy. On the way home (both eyes are swollen now and look a little oriental) she told me that she finally looks like she has always wanted to look--all she needs is black hair with a bun on the back of her head!!!! poor kid has noooo idea how bad she really looks.

"Mini" Vacation

We decided to take a mini vacation to a far away place--Indianapolis!(45 min. away)
I went on pricelineand got a great deal at the Radisson downtown. It was half the price they were asking. We left Friday night and just got back today (Sun.afternoon)
We had alot of fun. We went to the Imax which was playing the 3D shark movie, we rented paddle boats and a kayak and rode down the canal. The canal is a really neat place for those of you not familiar with Indianapolis. It is right downtown in between buildings etc. The weather was beautiful and we got to walk around downtown and of course had good food. The worst part of the trip was Jaida having to go to ER with poison ivy alllll over her face!! Poor thing--she went to bed Fri. night with a puffy eye and by Sat. morning looked like an alien. Her forhead was swollen and her eye was swollen shut. So--Jaida and I got to spend some quality time together at St. Vincent hospital. They gave her steroids and the redness had gone some before we left. Well--back home and back to reality! I need to go unpack. Now the true fun begins! Oh, I forgot to take my camera--grrr--so I had to use my cell phone. Now I have to figure out how to get the pictures off of it.. I can hear all the snickering from you electronic pros!:) I'll post pictures as soon as I can!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Jody had a post the other day of things she hates---I being the positive thinker(HAHAHAHAHA---roll on the floor!!) thought I would post things I love----let me know what some of your favorite things are!
Looking in on my kids AFTER they are asleep(they look so innocent)!
Sitting on my porch swing(At least 5 min. a day)
Bringing home surprises for the kids
Drinking vanilla cokes from Milky Way
Going shopping and finding bargains
Decorating my house
The smell of food in the crock pot(because it means I actually planned ahead)
Burning candles
Going out to eat with my Husband (all by ourselves)
Putting on a brand new pair of hose on sun. morning without runners(ha)
Listening to a thunderstorm in the night

Yard work! Yuck!

I actually planted some flowers this year. Hate doing it and I didn't at all last year and regretted it later. So this year we did!

The "flowers" of our Labor

wanted to show our flowers but you can't really see them.

Home Sweet Home

Monday, June 4, 2007

Jordan's Ears

Jordan had his CT scan today. He has had chronic ear problems since he was a baby(I had ALOT of sleepless nights along with him). I was always sooo thankful that Janae slept pretty good. Anyway, we found out in April that he has a Cholesteatoma(sp?) on his right ear with 50% hearing loss and the ear drum is retracted back to the middle ear on his left ear (20% hearing loss). It isn't a good thing to have a teenager that can't hear! We found out today that it is better than it could have been and we are very thankful. He will have surgery on June 15th to remove the growth and put tubes in both ears. The doctor is hopeful that this will restore his hearing. And we are too!!!!HA! Will let everyone know how it all goes.

Dining Room

Had a hard time figuring out a color for this room! As usual I painted it and then repainted it! I found the curtains at Big Lots but they are originally from Pier One. They tie in the living room and dining room colors. Can't really tell in the picture. I still have to finish getting the dishes, etc. that I want. And will be on the look out for plates for the plate rack.

Saturday, June 2, 2007


I was very proud of myself. I kept the same sofa for about 11 yrs. That is a record for me. It was floral and I painted the room a couple of times and added different pillows to make myself think it was new. I had been really itching for something plain. I wasn't even looking for a new one but just happened to walk in Pier One and low and behold they had a sofa that I loved. Isn't it funny how sometimes we have to look forever for the perfect thing and other times we find it when we aren't even looking! Well, it is so different from my other one but I really like it and will be able to change wall color when I want to without replacing it. Jeff says he always like my second choice of paint color---my first choice is the color I put on, trim it out, and then decide that I don't like it! So I go for another shade etc. I don't think these pictures are very good I think I need to take them when the sun is in the room. Let me know what you think.

Out with the old(floral sofa)--In with the new(plain sofa)!

Living Room

Rug that I got at World Market.

Jordan--all grown up!

Janae and Pepper!!

Friday, June 1, 2007


My Handsome Little Guy

I finally took Jaida to the park to get some pictures. Poor kid--she hasn't had a picture taken since she was probably 4(by herself). I think unfortunately that comes with being the forth kid!

Can you see the mischieviousness in her eyes?

Posing at the Park


Ah! I'm finally close to being done with my living room and dining room. I normally ejoy redecorating. In fact I would love to do it for money someday... But, this time I had a really hard time. I'm going to post pictures soon to get oppinions. I'm not finished yet--still need some stuff but I'm finally liking it little better. I think I started on it like 2 months ago which is so unlike me.
I'm having company for fellowship Sunday night and am supposed to be cleaning house. Just thought I'd sit down for a min. Hope everyone out there has a great weekend!