Friday, December 14, 2007

Slow Learner

I guess I'm a very slow learner. Someone had just posted the other day something about---when a kid says there stomach hurts---believe them. Well, yesterday morning Jaida had been grouchy all morning while we were getting ready for school----whining, saying "I'm tired" and being very dramatic. I gave her her herbs, and vitamins to take and she whined about that too. She took one and said ---mom it feels like it got stuck in my throat. I said get your shoes on you are fine--(if I had only known). Then she starts whining--my stomach hurts, my stomach hurts, my stomach hurts---(get the point?). I'm saying get your coat on you are fine----------then it all came up on the floor---thankfully not on a carpeted floor!
So, now maybe I will listen when she says----MY STOMACH HURTS!!!! Or I might just think she is overreacting.


Angie Davis said...

Uh-oh. At least she got it over with before Christmas.

tacomom said...

Wah! Don't you just HATE the pukey flu?

Anonymous said...

thankfully it wasn't the flu. Just a vitamin and didn't go down right!

Ronda said...

Oops! That'll teach ya! ha!( I am sorry she really wasn't feeling well!)In answer to your question about Penny Alexander....I think you would know her husband..."Rodney". Her maiden name is "Pates"(I think they met at G.B.S.)He was over the food stand at C.C.A., I believe. Wow! Just how many years ago was that? As far as the time it takes Mother to decorate...She has done it for so many years and has all of her boxes well organized...She really gets it done pretty fast! She has so much fun, too! I love seeing her enjoy life! Hope you all have a great Christmas! Tell your family "hello" from us!