Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weird day!

I shared this on facebook but thought I'd share here. It has been a day full of surprises!ha I got up this morning and went to wake up Jalen-----only to find he had gotten sick(polite way to put it) all over his bed and rug. He was not in his room. I actually panicked a little. I found him on Jordan's futon---said he didn't want to bother me!hahaha It bothered me all right. It had been sitting for awhile.
So,that started my day. Then, I left to go get Jordan and Janae from Dr. Ed. at 8:30I walk out to the car and I see this animal that I think is the cat I saw earlier today. I said--what are you doing?(I know kind of weird to be talking to a cat but it wasn't running away like I expected it too)right when I'm beside it I realize it is an opposum!!!!! WWAAAAAAA! I about died right there---I ran all the way back to the house----and then was afraid to go back out there. I finally stomped and made noise all the way to the car! I'm still freaked out!(it would have been a great video I'm sure---thank goodness no one was around to see all that)

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Carrie said...

Ha! I had a child recently that didn't want to "bother" me in the night.

Eww. Possums creep me out, too!