Tuesday, September 9, 2008

On the go

My day started out with not being able to find Jaida's shoes for school. First we were downstairs with about 20 min. until time to leave and Janae reminded me that it was picture day. Thankfully they were supposed to wear their uniforms. So, I rush upstairs and grab the curling iron because I knew Jaida's ponytail would not last for more than a couple of hrs. So, I curl her hair a little and put a headband in. Then it was no shoes, we finally had to grab something else and ran out the door. Then I realized I should have gotten gas the day before when I noticed there weren't any bars at all left on the gauge. Thankfully we made it there and they were right on time. Then as I was getting gas Mike called saying he could fix the window in our apt. so I got gas and as I was leaving Litz called to say he they needed me to come by a pick something up. I ran home and told the renter who doesn't speak English, has 5 kids, just had a baby, just had her 2 kids out the door for school and was going back to sleep, that we were ther to fix her window(I felt really bad about that!). Then I ran in to comb my hair and Jordan called and said he had left his paces at home. So, I run paces to school, drop by Betty's to get something, got home, left to take a walk. As I'm pulling in the drive from my walk Jeff calls and says maybe I should pick up the mail while I'm out(but I'm not out now)and Mike needs roofing from Kramers. So I go back out and get the mail and the roofing shingles. The best treat of all was going to El Jaripeo with Jody and Lynette. AHHHHH I think I'll take a nap now. Just was thinking today that when you become a mom you never know how your day will start or end or how it will be in the middle!ha

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tacomom said...

I hate days like that! I was tired at the end of the day too. But for other reasons! I'd planned to tell Mr. Coleman that they could have certainly found someone more qualified than I. The only reason they mentioned me is b/c I always have a camera in my hand - NOT b/c of my skill!