Monday, November 5, 2007

Easy Monday!

Well, since I was groaning on Saturday night I thought I should let everyone know that this Monday has been soooo easy! It is so great to have things picked up over the weekend. Mondays can be such hard days and this one wasn't! I felt bad for sounding like a whiner! It feels good to be ahead of the game for the week.
We are leaving for Gatlinburg on Wed. evening. We will be back home on Sunday. We are going with Kim and Steve(brother and sister-in-law)and the kids are staying with Grandmas, Aunts, Uncles, and whoever will take them:)! It sounds like alot of fun but of course the Mother in me already feels guilty!!! Even though my kids are big there is just something about it! Like I always say I wouldn't be a normal mother if I didn't feel guilty about something at least a dozen times a day! Janae is my homebody and has already been asking---how long are you going to be gone---with a pained expression on her face!(maybe that's why I feel guilty?) So, I'll try to think of you all out there in blog land while I'm soaking up the beautiful sunshine of Tennessee!!!!I have alot to do tomorrow to be ready because I work Wed. and then we will leave! Have a good week!

I should also say that we had a great time last night with fellowship here at our house. People of course helped bring food---we had, beef and chicken enchiladas, homemade salsa, corn casserole, 5 cup salad, and a scrumptous dessert(thanks Cathy for the extra piece---it was great for breakfast this morning). The food was great, the fellowship was fun, and we had some good laughs!


tacomom said...

Had to laugh b/c I left two extra pieces of dessert for our hosts too :) I asked Angie if she wanted some and she said it would be great with her morning coffee and if Gene didn't want the other piece, she would eat it :)

Julie W said...

Cathy made a dessert that tasted like a cheese danish---I made the comment that it would make a great breakfast so she thought I was hinting I guess:)and left a piece!
Julie W

Tamra said...

Have a great time in Gatlinburg! I know the guilty feeling you are experiencing. But we parents need that time away from the kids every so often.

Janiece said...

Have a GREAT time in Galtlinburg! Every parent deserves a trip without our little ones, it helps us appreciate them more when we get home! We will be heading there the week of Thanksgiving!