Saturday, November 3, 2007


Wow, what a day and a half. I've grocery shopped, cleaned, finished laundry, cooked, went to Jalen's football game, went to Walmart 3 times, totally redid a whole wall of photos of the kids, bossed kids around, bossed husband around:),and just sat down at 11:15(technically 10:15 because of Daylight savings!!!Yippeee) It is amazing how I can somehow think I have everything pretty well done and then when it comes down to Sat. somehow I have wayyyyyy toooo much to do! Oh well, that was my busy day. We are having company tomorrow night so I must keep everything picked up and clean. That's the hardest part!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!


Leah said...

Don't you love it when Saturday's go flying by??? I wish I had several Saturday's right in a row!!!

Ronda said...

Wow...I am exhausted just reading that post and Monday is just starting! I need some encouragement here! ha!

Jody J said...

While you were doing all that, I was shopping on the Magnificent Mile! Sorry! :)

Julie W said...

Ronda---good thing is this Monday was a breeze!

Julie W said...

Jody I'll be thinking about you in good ole Pigeon Forge this weekend!!hehe