Saturday, May 10, 2008

My fun day

My day in a nut shelll----big nutshell!
Get up go let Rachel's dog out(Janae is dog sitting)
Come home get Jaida go to:
Dollar Tree, Walmart, Aldi
Come home put groceries away
Go to: Best Home Furnishings(ordered new mattress---yipppeeeee tired of the aching sholder) Family Dollar, Schulz, Dollar Tree(once again) and Walmart(once again)
Come home get truck go pick up Jordan and Janae and take them to their next yard to mow.
Leave and go get them something to drink
Go back pick them up take them to next yard.
Go home help Jalen finish making oreo ice cream and green beans(he has been helping me in kitchen lately)
Take Jalen with me and go get Jordan and Janae to go to next yard.
Wait in truck while they finish yard
Take Jalen to mow his yard
While he is mowing take Janae back to Rachels to take care of dog
Take Jordan home
Mow around fence
Finish folding laundry and put it away
get clothes out for Sunday and iron them
Get mother's day gifts ready
Take shower


Tamra said...

No doubt about it. You are one busy Momma!

Jody J said...

It won't be long until they have their driver's license. Then, you can just sit at home and relax! Ha

Julie Waggoner said...

yeah right Jody!!!! I'd rather cart them around for awhile---at least I'm not worried about them getting home!ha!