Tuesday, May 20, 2008

School's Almost Out

Believe it or not I'm actually at a loss for words!! I guess nothing very exciting has gone on around here. Kids are almost through school!!!! Jaida finished Fri. so she was allowed to stay home Mon. and Tues. I'm finding it hard to believe that I will have 2 sophmores next year. I was at a party store yesterday and saw all the graduation stuff and just thought wow---3 more years and we will be planning a graduation party!!!! Am I really that old?????
We will have a busy rest of the week---here are a few things that we will be doing:
Work tomorrow, Funeral home visitation Tomorrow night, church tomorrow night, Jaida's recital Thurs. night, Awards night for kids, Sat. night, Graduation Sunday afternoon. Whew! Then it's rest and relaxation(haha)next week!
I did get a few flowers in the ground last week. I was quite disturbed when I looked out the window and saw the little girl next door(her parents rent the apt. we own next to us) with a petunia in her little hand roots and all!!!! I rushed out and said "no" don't pick those flowers. Went back in and glanced back out only to see her with another petunia in her hand roots dangling!!grrrr!!! So, out I went again and a little more firmly said NO don't pick the flowers!!! I'm not really counting on flowers growing there!
Hope everyone has a nice rest of the week and a great Memorial Day!


Anonymous said...

bet you wish my mom still lived next door, she would be planting flowers with you and sharing them. she loved her flowers,as you know.

Leah said...

Julie - next year I will have my last child entering her Junior year of high school! Time flies! I think you should post some pictures of the outside of your house with the flowers!

Bobbie said...

Don't you hate when work out in your yard and one of the neighbor kids come and mess it up. But...I have got to the point that i can say, "I'm glad they (the kids)are here." The reason I say this is because I would much rather they were all in my own yard then my kids at their house. I do get frustrated sometimes because I can never go out and do anything with my kids without several of the neighbor kids coming over too. But I try to keep in mind that I'm glad they're at my house and my kids aren't at their house. And I'm also glad they feel comfortable coming over to play at our house. Sorry didn't mean to write a book. lol

LaDonna said...

Hey, I'm feeling pretty old because my son is about to be a "rising" senior!!! I'm already planning that gradaution party. He's going to turn 18 while we're at camp this year!!!!! I might need to have some of you mom's hand me some kleenex's, you know? It does make me sad to see my kids growing up so fast. Good luck with the flowers, you're nicer than I would've been...Ha!