Friday, May 30, 2008


AW!! We are having a nice thunderstorm and I love it! It actually got hot today and the flowers needed water so I was glad when it started raining. I took the kids to the Chinese Buffet tonight. I always think it is hilarious that Jalen and Jaida like to go there so they can get good ole American deep fried canned biscuits with cinnamon and sugar. Have to go Chinese to get that! ha! It has been a nice start of vacation this week. Jalen thinks he is in Heaven. He has talked all week about how nice it is that he is out of school. When they get a little older and school is a little harder they seem to appreciate summer break a little more. I feel like I have kind of just let the week fly by without getting very much done but hey---we all needed a little break I guess.
Hope you are all enjoying the warm weather and long days!!!!!!

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