Monday, March 9, 2009

Jordans writings----Since I don't blog anymore:)

Touching the surface of a dream is harder to me than any miss. When your about to reach the top is also when your the most vulnerable to fall down. It's the moment that will leave you crying with joy or sobbing with sadness. To me the hardest part isn’t climbing my way to the top. It's trusting myself to deal with life no matter which way it goes. To me it's all about how you deal with life after and what you learn from it. Touching the surface of a dream always scares me, but then i think of Jesus and how he accomplished the greatest dream in the world. The freedom to communicate with our Creator and Lord through him. How when he was praying in the garden he could have quit. He had control of his own dream, or rather the dream God had planned since he was sent down to live with us. I don't know a single person that could have done what he did for me that day. To follow through on the dream of someone else without a second thought of my own fate. To me he never touched the Surface. He didn't give himself the option when reaching the top. He reached it without pause and made God's dream our reality. That thought gives me comfort when I'm touching the surface and wondering which way my life will go from here. Touching the surface, isn’t a decided factor after the choice is made, it’s decided the minute you choose that no matter what happens you'll never give in and you won't be afraid to start the climb again. You couldn’t have a better One to guide you

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