Monday, March 9, 2009

If you’re reading this I’m probably dead. My name? I choose to remain nameless as I write what might be my last words. Why, you might ask. Because it’s all I have left that cannot be taken save my will.
We’ve been trapped here for who knows how many lifetimes it seems. This desolate mountain pass is the only way they can come in. And the only way we can hold back their enormous numbers. Since the beginning they’ve outnumbered us five too one. I have no semblance of time anymore, but I would say at best it’s been too long for anyone to stand. Our lines look like ragdolls, our men like ghosts, and our swords are as broken as our bodies. But still we fight on. Who are we? We to anyone else are merely the fighters, the defenders, the saviors of our homes and families, as well as our beliefs and their lives.
The sunshine never seems to make its way down through these peaks. They rise from either side jutting into what might as well be oblivion. The rain however seems to always find its way down, as do the freezing winds, and snow. The fire is never enough to keep warm. The enemy is relentless in its quest for our lives. Who are they? They are the reason we fight, and the reason we are here. They are the ones who wish to take away our freedom. They are the ones who wish us dead. I give them no name, as they are only to us the enemy. They never stop coming and seem to care little how many of them are silenced for their goal. If they have a goal.
My sword has been dull for a long time due to relentless use. Even now it’s still stained from the last stand we made. Last night, or maybe it was morning, I’m not sure. We held them strong but suffered greatly for it. Maybe it’s all for some lost cause and they’ll take everything anyway. I’ve asked myself this same question thousands of times. And I’ve decided that whatever the cost I will stand alone if I have to, to keep them away.
Call it foolishness if you wish, or madness, but I won’t let them past me until I’m cold on the ground. Our king has been with us from the beginning. He is the first to fight and the last to leave. The only thing that keeps us together are his words of encouragement and hope. His presence and courage keep us fighting and constantly remind us of why we are here.
Not for glory, not for praise, not for wealth, but for the promise of a life spent in peace and happiness under his rule. Do I think we can win? Yes. Do I think I will live through this to see this reward? I don’t know. But I do know that no matter what it can’t and won’t be said that I didn’t give the best of my ability. I’ll fight for my king.
What is his name? To us and the people he is our ruler, our friend, and our savior from harm. He leads us fearlessly, and governs us wisely. His name I’ll not tell you, for it means nothing unless you understand what he does for us.
I hear the horn echoing through the walls. The enemy approaches. Will this be my final stand? I do not know. But I do know that no matter what, nothing is going to take away our will to fight, and our will to win our freedom. Our king told us himself before coming here that many of us would die, and that we might be here for a time longer than imaginable. But he promised that those who fought on would receive their reward. So I march to meet them. My friends are taking their spots on the line and are waiting for me.
We will stand together until the end. Until the very mountains that surround us crumble and rain down. We stand for our people, we stand for our king. I stand for Him.


We all face dangers and hard times in this life. Most of them probably arent life threatening but still real. We all think about giving up and maybe some of us do. But remember that God never leaves us, and that he's there to lend us his strength the entire way. WHo is the fighter? Who are the enemy? Who is the king? I am the fighter, and with or without you I'll fight for my King. Who are you?

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Jordan Keep up the good work they are great.Love Aunt Betty