Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Just thought I'd share a few things from our trip. We left at 12:30 yesterday. We were in a rush as usual trying to get everything packed up etc. Jordan was the last to get in the van. He climbs to the back seat and sits-----on the glass cylinder vase that Janae had insisted we keep from the wedding reception! You know the one with the real gold fish that were on the tables.ha! The gold fish that I DID NOT want to bring home but Janae could not bare to think what would happen to them so I gave in and let her!:) Jalen pipes up and says---Jordan hope you don't get glass in your patoot!ha Anyway we had to go sweep it out since it was shattered. We then went to Sonic which has become a new favorite for the kids. Then it was on to the 6 hr. trip to Lexington.
Jeff has business meetings here so we are kind of on our own. The kids had fun in the game room here at the hotel and then I took them to chilis. You would have thought they hadn't eaten in years. They loved the food. When I suggested we go there Jaida was sure she didn't like it. Since she likes everything I wondered why she thought that. Later on she told me she thought all they had was yucky chili!ha
So, now it is past noon and I'm trying my hardest to get them alllll motivated to get up and get moving so we can go get lunch. Jaida has already claimed the left over quesadillas from chilis. She thought that sounded way better than McDonalds! Smart girl!
One more day and we will be heading home. I think I'm ready for a little space. I told the kids that when we get home we are all going to move into the family room. They didn't think that was a good idea!;)

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