Thursday, October 9, 2008

Crushed by the refridgerator door!

If you don't hear from me for a while you will know that I was crushed by my refridgerator door!ha Let me explain---
About 5 yrs. ago after having the most generic of generic refridgerators from Sam's club--didn't even have an ice maker--we got new appliances from H.H.Gregg. Jeff was actually doing their website at the time so we got the employee discount. The fridge was awesome---had front door dispenser etc. About a yr. later AFTER the warranty had expired the water line to the icemaker froze up. The repairman said that was typical with that model, they had had a few problems. So, we got that fixed. Then, the ice maker went out. Then the water dispenser broke. Then the fridge quit cooling. The other day when he was repairing the water dispenser he took off the door and said it is defective. The pin is so bad that the door could just fall of at anytime and hurt someone! He looked up all the repairs we have done----$610.00 worth! WOW! I will be making a call to whirlpool soon!
He did say that they never have problems with that brand-----we just happened to be the lucky people that got stuck with that one bad one.


Tamra said...

That certainly stinks!

tacomom said...

What a bummer! There are two stores we do NOT shop at for any reason no matter how tempting...Best Buy and HH Gregg. We practically got a free stove (or at least close to cost) b/c they delivered the wrong one two times (third time's a charm). It took them several weeks to get the right one there b/c we were in rural Michigantown. They didn't treat me very good even though they finally conceded to a hefty discount. I was a bit tired of cooking from an electric skillet and microwave by the time the ordeal was over.