Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bad News

We found out yesterday that Jordan has to have surgery again. Quite a bummer. His ear just hasn't totally healed from his surgery last June. Every time we go in the Dr. suctions out tons of junk(sorry if you are squemish)it sounds like when you are at the dentist at get your mouth sunctioned out. The CT scan showed his ear full of fluid and possibly a recurrence of the cholesteatoma(growth). Sugery is scheduled for Nov. 11th. Hopefully that will take care of it so we can get him a hearing aid if his hearing doesn't improve. He only has 50% hearing in that ear and his other ear is down 20%. Needless to say he can't hear very well. The Dr. explained that if you don't hear the same in both ears you don't have stereo and it is really hard on you to be in noisy restraunts etc. It hurts your ears and you can hear things across the room but not hear the person next to you.
Hope everyone has a great day-------I am just loving this fall weather! Only problem is it makes me want to get out and go shopping---I'm trying to refrain though~


Michelle said...

I'm sorry he has to have surgery again. If my memory serves me correctly it was quite painful for him last year. Hopefully this one will be it for him!

What it is about fall that makes us want to shop? I am the same way. I just itch to go.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, when fall arrives I want it all---shoes, clothes, boots, new stuff for house etc.... Have to restrain myself!!!

Tamra said...

Sorry he has to go through surgery again.

Carrie said...

That IS a bummer. Hope everything goes as it's supposed to this time.