Monday, October 27, 2008

The Storm

When we went to southern Indiana last month and the big storm hit we were all in the living room getting ready to have "church"(it was on Sunday)Jordan ask me if he could run upstairs and write a poem. He came back down in 15 min. with this:

The winds are howling strongly,
stirring up my fear.
I clutch my faith tightly
lest I lose all I hold dear.

I hold on tight still wavering,
on this wind torn land.
I'm searching, seeking, crying,
for my masters firm hand.

It's blowing even harder,
how can I stay in place.
Without your strength to guide me,
I'll blow away without a trace.

My hands are aching,
My strength is almost spent.
When you said face the storms of life,
Is this the storm you meant?

My soul is being torn,
it's leaving me right now.
It's impossible to go without you,
how can I hold on, how?

I need you now,
My Lord my king.
I need your might,
I beg of you to bring.

My worries gone,
My strength is here.
I should have never doubted,
Your love is always near.

Jordan loves to write poems and just finished his first whole book---his dream is to be a writer someday. I hope his dreams come true!


Patty said...

Wow! I really liked the poem. He has a great talent.

tacomom said...

Impressive! Is there a category he can enter at state competition?

I'm glad you let him go write it down. When the words come you can't wait very long to get it on paper!

Julie Waggoner said...

he wants to write a short story for competition I think. I have collected all of his poems, and writings since he was a little boy. Someday they will be in a scrapbook for him.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Betty said
I loved the poem. I think everyone of your children have talent.
P.S. they sure did not get it from me. I keep all mine. Ha:

Michelle said...

That's really good! He definitely has talent.

Gloria Snelling said...


I was so impressed by his poem. He definitely has talent.

LaDonna said...

Great job...I'm also glad that you let him to write it down. So many things have slipped away from me because I thought I could remember and do it later. I'm sure Mr. Coleman can help him find a category for competition! :)

Keith said...

He needs to write songs with Dad and Larry Glass. That's always the first step to greatness.

Julie Waggoner said...

yes, keith we could probably work that out!

Amy Shearer said...

Wow - I am really impressed!! He definitely has talent Julie!