Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sandy Allen/Sarah Palin

Jaida was upset when she found out I went to see Sarah Palin---she wanted to go see the tallest woman in the world too! (I guess she thought we said Sandy Allen)!ha

P.S. Jalen thought it was hilarious and made sure she knew that it would be on my blog! The little stinker! I waited awhile before putting it one here because I was afraid she would ask me!ha

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Rita said...

Cute post, but I hope you know that Sandy passed away in August. I was her friend for 31 years and she was a very special woman who spent her last years speaking to grade school kids about tolerance for people who are different. My new book, "World's Tallest Woman: The Giantess of Shelbyville High," will be out Nov. 1. Check amazon.com for pre-order.