Thursday, January 1, 2009

My pj's from Jaida. Jaida decided last year that she wanted to get everyone a gift so I took her to Dollar Tree and she picked out gifts. Well, this year being a year older she decided she didn't want to go to $tree for gifts because nobody really likes those gifts!ha She also decided she wanted Jeff to take her. I asked her if it was because she knew Daddy would let her spend more money and she said yes! Jeff took both girls shopping on Christmas Eve to Lafayette in the freezing rain! They had a great time but it took them over an hr. to get back home.

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tacomom said...

That's funny. I remember the year that my sister's kids were old enough to earn and then spend money on their parents for Christmas. She got some nice gifts and said how nice it was to be on the receiving end of something worthwhile (sounds selfish but it wasn't that way).