Monday, March 30, 2009

Friday Fun!

Just thought I'd share a few GRRS from Fri. Got home on Wed. and just worked around here (as little as possible) on Thursday trying to get laundry done etc. Friday Jaida ran out to ride her bike and came running back in. She said her bikes were gone and the neighbor boys said a police took them and gave them to another little girl???? So, with our history lately of stolen bikes I ran outside and looked everywhere. She was positive that she had put them in the garage before we left on vacation. The neighbor kids said they got them out(jolly!) and rode them 2 yards down and left them. So, I go over to the boys that were playig ball and ask them if they knew anything about it. They said with big eyes--yes, the lady that lives here called the police(because she is grouchy they said)and they came and took the bikes!grrrrrrr!!!! So, I called the police station. They say--yes, we have the bikes do you know the serial numbers???? hahahahahhaha that is soooo hilarious! Me---know serial numbers???? I don't tend to be that organized about things like that! The lady said we don't give them back unless you can give us serial numbers. I guess you are supposed to register your bike at the police station? Anyway with a little pleading they allowed us to get the bikes back as long as we paid $2 per bike to register them when we picked them up. Ah--at least that saved me some money!
On to the next bit of excitement for the day. Jaida was playing like the sink upstairs was a hot tub for her barbies. Only problem was she turned the sink on and started doing other things. I'm in the kitchen and all of a sudden there is water running out of the light. I run upstairs to get it turned off and in the meantime Jalen tries to help by getting EVERY pan out of the cabinet to "catch" the water. So, now not only do I have a mess but I have to wash all the pans!ha Came down and had to take the cover off the light----ha! Got drenched doing that! Kids thought it was funny though! That was our excitement for the day!
That was my weekend---how was yours??


tacomom said...

Oh my word! That is insane about the bikes. Did you give the neighbor kids "what for" for taking them? Wonder if we are supposed to register here in our little town! lol!

Ronda said...

You mean you didn't have the bike numbers in a special file??? LOL! Can you imagine?
Sounds like you had lots of excitement over the weekend! :)