Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ah! Maybe we can breathe now!

Whew! What a very busy weekend. We had awards ceremony on Sat. night. Jordan and Janae didn't get any major award but they got scripture, no detentions(janae)etc.
Jalen got honor roll, no detentions, scripture. Jaida got scripture, and Miss Diligent. I was hoping they weren't giving an award for the most "head down on the desk" this year! ha! She is very lively and had a hard time not talking and staying in her seat. It was a nice evening and the kids were all excited. Then on Sunday Jordan and Janae graduated from 8th grade and Jaida from Kindergarten. Still can't believe I have kids that will be in highschool. Didn't I just graduate a few years ago??? Monday was our yard work day. We worked really hard. Pulled up some ground cover bush things, put down black film stuff, new mulch(100.00 worth i might add)and planted flowers. We had allll the kids out helping(much to their delight). Then I scrambled in around 4PM to clean up the mess that was made from running in and out so we could have a cookout and cake for the graduates. We had a fun night and sat arounnd talking until 10:30. I had totally forgotten that we had scheduled an insurance agent to come at 9 am this morning. Jeff decided he was getting alot of work done last night so he worked until 6 AM. I woke up around 8 went downstairs and the phone rang at 8:50 it was the guy saying he was almost there! Whew I about died. He went to McDonalds for 45 min. so we could at least be dressed! Ha.
Well, that was our busy weekend. Hope it slows down now for awhile.

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