Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Bicycle----Itty Bitty Seat(need I say more?)

Jeff and the kids were very generous for Mother's Day this year. I had been saying I wanted a new bike so they went to Walmart and bought a very snazzy purple bike for me. If I hadn't been asking for one I might think they were hinting about something--like maybe thinking I could use some more exercise! Our first ride was a couple of days ago. We were going over to help unload David and Sarah Fry. I told Jeff we should ride our bikes and he said do you think that's too far for Jaida? I didn't think so, so off we went. I guess bicycle seats have shrunk tremendously since I was a kid!!! HA! Or perhaps I've grown a little in certain places! Anyway we did make it there and I seriously thought I would have to get a ride home, but I made it home. I took the same ride again yesterday!!! I'm so proud of myself. But...if I don't update my blog for awhile you'll know it's probably because I can't sit down~ I'm seriously considering buying one of those Grandma type bicycle seats!!


tacomom said...

Too funny! I hate bike seats!

Michelle said...

Welcome to the blogging world! Was just checking out Angie's links and saw yours.

I read you ABC thing -- I can't believe the twins are 14!! Makes me feel really old.

Jody J said...

If I find a tractor seat at a yard sale, I'll let you know!

Angie Davis said...

Maybe we can mount your Dad's old office chair on there. ;)

Anonymous said...

Makes me feel even older!
whew! where does the time go??

Tamra said...

I don't know if you remember me, but, I really enjoy reading your blog. Funny post...good job with the exercise! I think they are making those bike seats with less padding these days!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember you! I've been reading your blog too! Along with about a thousand others too! I like seeing your pictures and you have a cute house! I will be posting pictures as soon as I get it figured out!