Monday, May 21, 2007

ABC Thing

Accent: Don't really think I have one but was asked what part of the south I was from while on a trirail in Florida. Found out the lady was from New York
Bible book I love: Psalms
Chore I don’t care for: Gettint groceries!!!!!(I would rather clean toilets!)
Dog or Cat: Probably cat but we do have a ver adorable dog.
Essential Electronics: Computer and Cell phone.
Gold or Silver: Silver.
Handbag I carry most: Um, I would buy a new one every month if I could. I don't spend alot on them.
Insomnia: Whew! I think I'm finally getting a handle on it after tooooo many years of it!
Job Title: Wife, Mother, Office help to my husband, house cleaner to my clients um, volunteer at school, and lots of other things!
Kids: Janae 14, Jordan 14, Jalen 9, Jaida 6
Living arrangements: 4 bedroom, 2 bath, living room, dining room, family room, office, messy basement
Most memorable moments: My wedding day, the birth of my kids, visiting, Bolivia with a 1yr old and staying downtown Manhattan!(I thought I was in another country.
Naughtiest childhood behavior: Don't really know but I did spit in someones face when I was probably 6 yrs. old!
Phobias: Don't really have any I don't think
Religion: Evangelical Christian.
Siblings: One older Sister, and one younger sister
Time I wake up: During school, 6 30 Any other day, by 8 at the latest
Unusual talent:Don't think I have one
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Well, I love almost all but I guess beets like my sister
Worst habit:
X-Rays: Dental
Yummy stuff I cook: Chili, Chicken packets on the grill, chicken enchiladas
Zoo animals I like the Most: Monkeys I guess


Angie Davis said...

Inquiring minds want to know who you spit on!

Jody J said...

So do you think you don't have any bad habits or what?

Anonymous said...

well, I was going to add and I forgot--if Kim Hacker(werking) is reading this I wander if she will remember the spitting in the face? Um, have no clue why I skipped the bad habit thing. I'll have to think.

Julie Waggoner said...

Hey, angie would love to know why I can't comment on your blog. I did earlier with no prob. and then went to again and it wouldnt let me??
another bad thing I did as a child was get really annoyed at Jeff Graves for teasing unlucky for him--I had a thermos in my hand. Needless to say he had a good size bump above his eye!!! I was soooo embarrassed but he deserved it! haha

Jody J said...

I can think of very few things that Julie did wrong while growing up! Now, Jenny is a different story!

grits said...

Hi Julie. Just found your blog...via someone else's. :-) I'm finding out that many are doing this. It is interesing.

Are you all going to be at the Carroll reunion on Monday? Would love to see all my cousins and their families! This will be our first year to attend since we got married 20 yrs ago! David is the only one of our children that won't be able to be with us because of being on Senior trip. I hope Uncle John and Aunt Iris will be there also. It will be great to see everyone again.

Enjoyed your blog. May I send you an invite to our Carroll site?

Esther (decided I better sign my name. You may not remember my old nickname from GBS days. :-)).

Anonymous said...

Esther, Hi! Wow it is becoming a very small world. Yes, please send me your web address. Not sure about Mon. I didn't realize it was the reunion. Maybe we can at least come by at some point. Hard to believe you have a senior. Other people's kids aren't supposed to grow up!