Friday, May 25, 2007

Cell Phones and their Improper Use

Hmm... I often wander what we did as kids without cell phones. Here is some examples of how cell phones are used in our household:

I'm upstairs folding laundry(notice I said upstairs) Jeff is in our attic bedroom where his office is. My cell phone rings so I jump up and run all the way downstairs to answer it and it's Jeff just needing to ask me a quick question:)

Jeff and I are 2 houses down in a serious conversation with our neighbors whose son is in trouble and Jeff's phone rings. It is Janae---she wants to talk to me--Jeff says "is it an emergency because we are really busy-- she is yes oh yes!--so I get on the phone and Janae says "Mom can I go get a video tonight?GRRR!! I think Janae learned what a real emergency was though after talking with her Dad later on! HA!

Phone conversation caught on answering machine between Jaida (6yrs) and Gma---I was gone at the time.
Gma: Is your Mom there?
Jaida: No
Gma: Is Jordan or Janae there?
Jaida: yes
Gma :can I talk to one of them
Jaida: can you just call them on their cell phone cause they are allll the way upstairs and I don't want to go get them.(then rattles off their number--didn't know she knew it)
G-ma: well is Daddy there?
Jaida: yes could you just call him on his cell phone

Then there's just my typical call while grocery shopping---Mom can you tell Jalen to stop bugging me??? Mom when will you be back??? Mom will you get me a vanilla coke while you are out??? etc........
What would we do without cell phones :)


Michelle said...

Well, your house IS pretty big ;o)

We used to have intercoms in each room that someone gave us and that's how we communicated without running all over the house.

Too funny.

Shells said...

This is funny! I have to admit I've called the home phone from my cell just 'cause I was too lazy to walk the 17 steps downstairs. Also, sometimes when my friends call the home phone and I'm in my room, I tell whoever answered to have 'em call my cell. lol. I guess I have a case of "improper use".

Jody J said...

Sometimes, I think cell phones are a curse! I was at Knox flowers today for maybe 10 min. and got 4 phone calls!

Anonymous said...

um, jody I was at least one of those 4 calls! I would appologize but im not sorry! ha

Carrie said...

Ha! That's pretty funny. We haven't gotten to that point yet, but I'm sure our turn is coming!

tacomom said...

it all depends on if you have free calling within your plan, Carrie :) I never would have thought we'd be there... :P