Monday, July 16, 2007


Dale Bailey has been a friend of our family since I was a little girl. He teased us and picked on us when we were kids! I remember when I was probably 5 yrs. old and got sick on the church bus during caroling. We were a few blocks from home and my stomach was rolling from the fumes. Dale got off the bus and carried me home. He was always helping our family out any time he could even when I'm sure he didn't have time. When we moved into the house next door to the parsonage I remember Dale working all day to get us moved. We used to get to go plow snow with him and Dad and that was such big stuff to us. Since he and Dad have owned apartments together anytime they come on to possible "good junk" Dale would always call me and tell me to come and see if I wanted anything before he threw it away. Just a couple months ago he and Susan drove in the driveway with a truck load and had me look through it. I guess I saved them money cause they didn't have to pay to dump the stuff!Ha! He was always so faithful to go calling with Dad and drove the bus for years. Sunday when I pulled into the church parking lot and saw the buses I think I was just expecting Dale to be in the drivers seat. He will be greatly missed by our family! I know he is in a much better place but we are still sad and look forward to meeting him in heaven!!

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