Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Movie Star

I told Rachel I needed a new picture for my blog. She was so excited to pose for me! She loves this kind of attention!


Joshua said...

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Feel free off course to comment as you wish and remember: don't take it wrong, don't think that this visitation I make is a matter of more audiences for my own blogg. No. It's a matter of making universal, realy universal, all this question of bloggs, all the essential causes that bring us all together by visiting and loving one another.

You must not feel obliged to come and visit me. An invitation is not an intimation. Also know that if you click on one of my ads I'm promised to earn 8 cents for that: I would feel happy if you did click it, but once again you're totaly free to do what ever you want. I, for instance, choose immediatly to click on one of your ads. To do so or not, that's the whole beauty of it all.

I think it's to UNITE MANKIND that we became bloggers! Don't see language as an obstacle but as a challenge (though you can use the translater BabelFish at the bottom of my page!) and think for a minute if I and the rest of the world are not expecting something like a broad cumplicity. Remenber that pictures talk also. Open your heart and come along!!!!!

Michelle said...

You get some interesting comments!

I'm sure Rachel feels honored to have this picture on your blog.

janiece said...

Who on earth is this Joshua dude? I hope it is someone you know and is playing a joke on you and not some wack-o!

Julie said...

no, its not someone I know and yes I'm quite sure it is spam. Don't have a clue how to delete comments. Could someone clue me in. I've tried and can't figure it out.

Karen Walden said...

When I am logged in and viewing my comments, there is a trash can looking thing below everyone's comment. I just click on it and it asks me if I want to delete the comment.

Carrie said...

Very nice picture of Rachel. Not quite as good as the one Jody posted of you though. THAT was a good picture! :D

Julie said...

yeah, when Rachel complained I told her that at least she didn't have her finger up her nose! She wanted me to make it clear that she only posed because i was going to take the picture no matter what!