Wednesday, July 11, 2007


What a mess! Hope no one decides to pop in! I finally got everything brought up from the basement(actually Jordan and Janae did most of the carrying for me). Plan on having a sale Saturday morning. I might start putting stuff out on Fri. but the ad is for Sat. Don't have anything really big so I don't plan on making alot of money. I'm just so glad to empty out the basement once again. Then I can straighten up that pig sty! I got most of the stuff priced yesterday so I am in pretty good shape. Just having to look at the mess is the worst part. To those of you who live close by I have a set of Epoch dishes with a fruit pattern, 12 peice place setting. They are really nice I'm just tired of them. I should have just ran my own e-bay on my blog huh? Seems like Carrie did that one time. Maybe I should ask her for some pointers! Toodleloo!


Carrie said...

Ha! I was just fortunate that a girl in the area won the box and I didn't have to pay for shipping. Maybe you could draw Jody's name out of a hat! ;)

Jody J said...

tee hee

Julie Waggoner said...

and the winner is...drumroll...Mrs. Jody Johnson. Your prize is located all over the living room of Julie Waggoner's house. Please claim your loot as soon as possible.
Official Prize Dept.