Monday, July 9, 2007

Nothing Much!

Sitting here wishing I had something really exciting to say. I don't. It has been a busy week and I'm tired and weary. To those of you that acted interested in my garage sale(I'm sure it was to make me feel good about my junk!ha)I plan to have one this weekend. Probably Fri. and Sat. Not sure yet. So, with that being said I have ALOT of work to do. With our little construction job going on upstairs I feel like the entire house is in shambles! Stuff from laundry room is crammed in Jaida's room, ironing board is on the landing, laundry baskets are everywhere,and dust has overtaken us---do you get the picture? So now I'm having a sale and creating a whole new mess!!! Hopefully it will be worth it.
Jordan had a follow up appt. today for his ears. He is doing very good. The one ear that just had the tube put in is almost back to normal and he can tell a big difference in his hearing. The other ear that had the major surgery is ok but not all the way healed yet. We go back in 5 weeks so hopefully he will be hearing good by then. I can't wait!!
By the way is everyone's summer flying by really fast??

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