Monday, July 9, 2007


I've been leaving a list of chores for the kids to do when I work on Wed.--otherwise I come home to absolute chaos. Jaida has acted like she enjoys getting a note with a list---so I thought. Jeff said she gets up and does hers right away and then starts getting on the others to do theirs. Last week she asked me if I was going anywhere by myself the next day--I wasn't--so that was all that was said. Then last week once again one evening she said--Mom are you going anywhere by yourself tomorrow--I thought she was afraid she was going to miss out on going to the store or something. I said no Jaida why--she very sheepishly replied "because I don't want to have to do chores". Wow- kids figure things out really quick don't they?
We used to clean for a lady who told us that her little boy said he didn't like us. She couldn't figure out why until he told her it was because when we came to clean he had to pick up his toys! Ha!

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Angie Davis said...

I just cracked down on bed making for a certain classmate of Jaida's and his response was hilarious. "You mean I have to do it EVERY day?! By myself?! I thought that was your job..."