Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I'm soooo excited today. We hired someone to work on our laundry room that has been in limbo for several months. My Washer quit working like 6 months ago. So--one thing led to another(my husband is a Waggoner)and instead of fixing a washer that was prob. 10 yrs. old we purchased the new front loading washer and dryer.(love,love,love it!!!) Well, that led to totally gutting the laundry room! Kind of weird I know but we had put in a new roof over our family room and office which in turn created a new room upstairs that was behind my old laundry room.(did any of that make any sense at all?) Anyway we made a hallway, opened up the new space and are making Jordan a bedroom. Said all that to say I should have a CLEAN space to do laundry soon. Mike Peck got the drywall up and will move on to putting new lights in the bathroom and then start on Jordan's room. I know it probably doesn't sound that exciting to anyone else unless you know what it is like to live in unfinished space!!! Hope everyone has blast of a 4th :)

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janiece said...

Having a new room done is ALWAYS exciting!!!