Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Aw--home again!

We made it home from camp! It was alot of fun but we are glad to be back home! I decided to only do laundry one day at camp so I am paying for that decision. Since I have a new front loading washer and dryer I knew it would be easy but...it still isn't fun. I think I've done 8 or 9 loads. YUCK!
Now it's getting ready for school time. NO, I do not have school supplies, no, I do not have all of the uniforms purchased, yes, I think we have all four pairs of expensive tennis shoes bought, but we still have until next Fri. so I think we can handle it. The kids NEED very desperately to be IN School!!!!! The bickering has to STOP or this Mama is going to lose it!!!!!! They have had a fun summer but I think it is just time to move on to something different!!! Jeff reminded me that they will all be in school and he will be working out of the house(indianapolis)for a few weeks! Oh my how will I ever cope with the WHOLE house to myself for a few days? I think it will be fun to try. Don't get me wrong I love my family! Ha~
Well, it's time to wind down and go to bed--I have to work tomorrow!
Have a great week!
It was nice to see all the fellow bloggers at camp. I'm learning more and more of the lurkers too! Cracks me up that some of these people even check out our blogs!
Bye--I'm off to bed!


Leah said...

I am completely with you that it is time for the kids to be back in school! I only have one in high school and one starting college but I am still ready! Although now I don't know who will do my laundry or keep my house cleaned up!!

Julie W said...

Hmm, that's not a worry of mine! ha

janiece said...

Glad you all had fun at camp! I hear ya on the "going back to school" thing, ugh. We love them dearly, but can't wait to ship them off next week, lol! May God Bless the teachers at our school, as all the lovely children return.

Michelle said...

Oh, Julie! I totally know what you are talking about -- if you haven't read my post from Monday you should. The day was just a riot, really. I love my kids too, but towards the end of summer break they start getting bored and, for the love of Pete, cannot get along even on the smallest issues.

Tamra said...

My sister has a front loading washer and dryer also and I'm jealous of you both - even though both of mine work perfectly (knock on wood). If mine ever do go out, that's what I will be purchasing. I've read the washers use less water. Is that true?

Julie Waggoner said...

Tamra, Yes, it saves several thousand gallons per year(can't remember the exact amt.) So, I'm sure it would actually pay you to get one! HA! At least that's my mentality on things like that! ha!
My other set wasn't working very well, so when I got this set I thought I was in heaven! The old dryer took like 2 cycles to dry--the new dryer has the HUGE load dry by the time the next load needs to go in! It holds like 25 towels or 18 pair of jeans at one time(I think I got that right)
Julie W.