Monday, August 20, 2007

My day in pictures!

...this is what it has been doing all day! Raining!


Leah said...

Julie, loved the pics of the color. Bright and cheery and would come close to making me want to do laundry!!!

LaDonna said...

Send some rain our way!!!!

Bobbie said...

I know I'm weird but I kind of enjoyed the rainy day. It was kind of refreshing. And I had laundry to do also so this gave me and excuse to stay in and do it.Bobbie

Julie W said...

Thanks Leah! I hope it makes me want to do laundry too!
Ladonna I'll package that righ up! It feels great!
Bobbie--I totally agree! My kids even like it too--we must all be weird!

Michelle said...

I enjoyed the rainy day also! I don't like too many in a row, but there something cozy about a rainy day especially if you don't have to get out in it!