Thursday, August 23, 2007

No running in the halls!

Just had to share---David Fry is working in our school this year and he has this brilliant idea(I think it was his idea)to do some funny video clips about the rules for the kids for orientation. I won't share them all but the one that i just still can't get over----he goes to the local nursing home(I am telling the honest truth), Jenny goes with him and they(I still have no clue what on earth he told them)video an old woman creeping down the hall on her walker----David comes around the corner and says "Maam--no running in the halls"---as she continues to take baby steps down the hall! So, maybe it's not that funny in words but it is hilarious!! It really needs to be on utube!


tacomom said...

Hey, Tony and Jerry have started their own YouTube. Tell someone to upload it. It's specifically designed to be just what it says...CLEAN and family friendly :)

Julie W said...

cool! What smart men we have in our Church!
Julie W