Friday, August 3, 2007

Church Camp, new car, and more painting!

Not a whole lot to report on! I feel like I'm going ninety miles an hour lately. I have been wanting to paint my kitchen but was undecided on the color so I've been putting it off. I was cleaning it yesterday and noticed once again how horribly dirty the walls look so I just trotted off to the paint store and picked up some samples. Never mind that we are leaving for camp on Mon.,having fellowship Sunday night(I'm invited out but have to cook),having dinner with Jeff's family Sunday(have to make stuff)needed desperately to clean house and need to pack. Whew! What is wrong with me? I really think lately that I have ADD!!! Anyway I painted the kitchen and then of course I needed to make a run to laf. to find some new things. So I had another very busy day. I was good today and cleaned my house and got groceries. So, tomorrow will be so much easier. The kids are excited about camp. I am too! It is actually relaxing during the day. I plan on getting the First Born Series of Karen Kingsbury and reading while we are there. Jeff won't get to be there during the week but will come for the weekend. We have to rough it in Jeff's familys motor home!! with the slide out--etc. It is horrible! Ha! We are very spoiled and I feel guilty when I see the camp rooms!
Hopefully next time I post I'll have some pictures to post! Sorry I've been soooo boring lately!
One cool thing--Jeff got a new car for his business. A new white Honda Civic with a moon roof. It has been alot of fun after not having a car(we have a mini van and truck) for so long. I've been tearing around town.Ha! Look out!
Jaida is finally better after fever for 4 days. Finally took her to the Dr. because her ear hurt so bad. She had and ear infection so she missed 3 nights of VBS.
Hope everyone has a good weekend!!!!

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