Saturday, August 18, 2007


That's the name of the color of paint I just painted my laundry room. If that won't rejuvenate me at 6:30 A.M. when I'm getting kids up for school and starting laundry---Nothing will!Ha! I'll take pictures and post later. The guy at Sherwin Williams mixed the wrong shade of paint but I decided to keep it anyway---and is it bright! Whew! I like it though. Been working hard in there(painted walls, ceiling, sanded floor, cleaned etc.) and I have the sore muscles to prove it! I've been groaning all day!
Have a great Sunday!


Angie Davis said...

If I can get Connor and Gene settled into school, I'm starting that around here too.

Leah said...

I LOVE painting but need to NOT think about it right now!!! The next on my agenda is the kitchen but that will be a little while down the road - like whenever Dave leaves for his next revival!!!!

Julie W said...

Have fun girls! I've just about painted myself to death!
Julie W