Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy Tuesday!

Well, I don't have anything humorous or exiciting to say today! Just a normal Tuesday with normal schedules. Yesterday Jalen said--Mom since school started all we do is go to school, eat, work, and sleep! How true that is. It is a little sad that a new school year has begun but I am starting to really enjoy the structure it brings. It has been a little bitter-sweet having everyone gone all day---but my how nice it is at times to be able to clear my mind and actually think about things. I have enjoyed some alone times and am slowly getting some projects around here done.
It is rainy and in the 60's today so it seems like fall is just around the corner and that makes me smile!
Have a Wonderful Day!

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tacomom said...

fall around the corner makes me smile, too, Julie :)