Friday, September 14, 2007

Laundry room update!

I'm getting excited! My laundry room is almost done. There are still a few things to do but I got the floor painted and I'm moving back in! Yea!!!!! Jeff also put shelves up in the little closet off our family room that I use for Jaida's toy closet. We went from containers on the floor, little book shelves, pull out plastic drawers etc. to 4 10 ft. by like 2 ft. shelves!!!! I got all the stuff that was in that closet on the shelves with like 3/4 of the shelf space left. So, I get to clean out Jaida's bedroom closet and put ALL of her toys down there! I can't wait!
I will take some pictures of my laundry room soon(oh how exciting to you all---pictures of a laundry room!Ha!) so you can see it! Pretty funny what makes us girls happy huh?!


Jody J said...

A laundry room would make me REALLY happy!

Ronda said...

Hello, Julie...Can't believe that your twins are 14....AND that you are old enough for teenagers! My how time does fly! You have such a nice family! I enjoy reading your blog(that is...when I can find the time! you all are doing well! I'm excited for you about the laundry room...I think I am getting ready to redo mine! It seems that alot of bloggers have been inspired to redecorate their laundry rooms....I'll have to put my thinking cap on!

Julie Waggoner said...

Ronda---I've been enjoying your blog too! And you have adorable kids! No, I don't feel old enough for teenagers but...I guess I am!
Make sure you keep us posted on you laundry room redo!