Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Thought I should let everyone know that I went to a concert last night and heard Liberty Quartet for the first time.(Also because Keith W. informed me that he reads my blog on a consistent basis---which by the way intimidated me very much to say the least---I consider him one of the best writers on here)anyway it was soooo good. I feel bad Keith cause I don't think I really told you that. We were all busy chatting about other things and I failed to tell you that you do an awesome job. Your quartet did an outstanding job and were very entertaining. I will definitely make sure I let people know they should be supporting you guys!! Have a safe trip home.


The Going Blog said...

Hey, I'm sorry I didn't get to say "Hi" to a fellow blogger. I really enjoyed the concert. Never heard them before but definetly one to recommmend

Julie W said...

That's ok. I said hi to your husband but you weren't around then. I'm not real good about tracking people down that I don't know very well~~ Sorry~
Julie W

Jody J said...

Have you done ANYTHING since the concert?

Julie Waggoner said...

no not a thing. I've been lying on the couch ever since~